Are Apollo earbuds good?

Are Apollo earbuds good?

I love the Apollos. They are small, pair easily, have great sound quality and for Bluetooth have almost no lag with videos. They come with rubber attachments to help keep them your ears, but I have not had a problem with them staying in with just the silicon or foam tips alone.

How do I pair my Apollo wireless headphones?

To pair, you need to put one earbud in your ear, press and hold down the power button and keep holding it downing until you hear “pairing.” Then you put in the other earbud, press the power button and wait until the two earbuds sync up when you hear “headset connected.” After that, you go into your Bluetooth settings.

How do I connect my Iphone to Erato?


  1. On your DEVICE. Verify Bluetooth is ON.
  2. LEFT earphone, long press button for 3 seconds to start Pairing Mode. Listen for :
  3. On your device select “VERSE”
  4. LEFT earphone listen for : “Pairing”
  5. RIGHT earphone, long press button for 1 second. Listen for :

How do I connect my Apollo Bluetooth?

Pairing your devices

  1. Step 1 – Launch the Apollo Neuro app.
  2. Step 2 – Pair your Apollo Neuro to your mobile device. When you get to the “Connecting to your Apollo” screen: Press the raised-dot button once on your Apollo Neuro to initiate the pairing request. Tap “Pair” once you see the “Bluetooth Pairing Request” dialog.

How do you turn on Apollo earbuds?

Insert either earbud in your ear, then press and hold its button until you hear “Power On”, followed by “Pairing”, then release the button and connect to your paired device, tap “Apollo 7-L” or “Apollo 7-R” in the Bluetooth device list and you will hear “Phone Connected”.

How do I connect my Apollo to my phone?

How do I reset my Apollo phone?

Factory reset your Apollo To perform a factory reset for your Apollo Neuro, press and hold both buttons for 10 seconds. The light on your Apollo Neuro will shine solid yellow after holding both buttons for 5 seconds… …then a solid red after holding both buttons for 10 seconds.