Are Avian X turkey decoys worth it?

Are Avian X turkey decoys worth it?

They are worth it and there is no reason to have an entire flock of them. I acytually think they are a breeze to carry with the bags they come in. FAST to setup also. I think the HD dekes nowadays really were a meaningful improvement in turkey decoys and turkey hunting.

How do you fix Avian X turkey decoys?

You place some super glue around the tube that goes inside the decoy then place about 10-20 drops down inside to where the state sits. Let it get all the way down there and tilt the decoy so that whole area gets wet. That fixed my leaky decoy.

How do you make turkey decoys more realistic?

Pour a heavy dose of salt over the clean bones and let them dry for two weeks. For even more realism, dry one wing folded and one slightly extended, as if the contented hen were stretching or preening. Bore two small holes on each side of the decoy where the wing would naturally attach to the body on a live bird.

What the most realistic turkey decoys?

Dave Smith Decoys makes some of the coolest, most realistic dekes available. Its new Mating Motion Jake continues that tradition and adds a new dimension: motion. The decoy, while it can be used on its own, is designed to be paired with a breeding hen.

Which turkey decoy is the best?

The Best Turkey Decoys To Help Fill Your Tag

  • Best Turkey Decoy Pair: Primos Gobbstopper Combo.
  • Best Full Strut Decoy: Avian X HDR Full Body Strutter Decoy.
  • Best Reaping Turkey Decoy: Mojo Shoot-N-Scoot Max.
  • Best Turkey Decoys for Hunting from a Blind: Dave Smith Decoys Turkey Flock.

What are the best turkey decoys?

How should I set up my turkey decoys?

Decoys should be placed in open areas such as fields, right-of-ways or open timber, where often bale blinds make the best turkey blind. Putting out a set of hen decoys in thick brush 20 yards from your ground blind that you can barely see is a waste of time.

What kind of paint do you use on turkey decoys?

acrylic craft paint
Allow the decoy to dry completely before beginning the painting process. As far as paint goes, Tim prefers a multi-surface acrylic craft paint. He usually finds them in craft sections at big box stores and craft stores.