Are Targus backpack waterproof?

Are Targus backpack waterproof?

The Targus Terra Backpack is designed to protect up to 15.6″ widescreen laptops. The backpack features a built-in hidden rain cover and a water-resistant bottom to cater various weather conditions, including extreme humidity and rain.

Are Targus laptop bags waterproof?

Targus backpacks are not waterproof, but most have a water-resistant bottom, and the materials used in production are also reasonably water-resistant.

What is backpack rain cover?

A backpack rain cover serves several purposes. It prevents rain from leaking through the fabric and making your gear wet. It also can protect your backpack from getting torn if you have to hike through dense vegetation.

Where is Targus made?

Targus products made in China.

Is Targus an American company?

Targus released the world’s first laptop case in 1983. Targus employs approximately 500 people globally….Targus (company)

Type Private company
Industry Mobile computing accessories
Founded 1983
Founder Neil Bruce-Copp
Headquarters Anaheim, California , United States

What is the most durable laptop backpack?

Most Durable Laptop Backpack: Thule Crossover Backpack In addition to the padded, zippered compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop, there’s also room for a tablet, plus a crushproof pocket for fragile items like sunglasses. This pack also guarantees all charging cords stay neat and tangle-free.

Is backpack rain cover necessary?

Most hiking backpacks come with a rain cover. While rain covers won’t keep all the water out, they’re a handy first line of defence. The downside of rain covers is they make accessing gear in the pack difficult and because they’re made of a lightweight material, can easily get snagged on foliage and rip.

Who founded Targus?

In 1983, Neil Bruce-Copp formed Targus in Barnes, London. After a successful start, we began partnerships with computer OEM’s. By 1985, we expanded our customers to Canon and Apple, and just one year later we released our first laptop case.