Are there any manga that are about romance?

Are there any manga that are about romance?

Coming in at number 10 is a manga that accurately portrays first crushes, love polygons, and unrequited love. This is definitely a story born from the romance genre, but it’s also one that accurately represents the realities of real-life romance.

Who are the characters in the manga Ootani Atsushi?

Ootani Atsushi is quite a small high school boy. Koizumi Risa, on the other hand, is a ridiculously tall girl. Both of them are heartbroken with their respective crushes falling in love with one another. And so, they share the same issues and circumstances.

Who are the characters in Kaguya sama Love Is War?

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is a seinen manga series written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. It follows the psychological battle between vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya and president Miyuki Shirogane and the antics they think up to make the other confess. While they both blatantly like the other, their pride is too great to make the first move.

How did Ririchiyo and Soushi date in the manga?

However, Ririchiyo and Soushi begin to date after the “prologue” of the manga, which is what the anime adapts. They are both Atavist, which means they have youkai ancestors. While Ririchiyo is the descendant of a strong demon, Soushi is a descendant of a nine-tailed fox.

Which is the best manga for vanilla romance?

Tonikaku Kawaii is a vanilla romance based manga and sure does have one of the weirdest starting plots. But the further story seems to be interesting, more like a sweet plot. It is sure worth reading if you like vanilla romance without any pointless dramas.

Which is the best manga genre to read?

The romance genre is perfect for readers who crave heart-tugging, heart-fluttering, and heart-wrenching moments. Here are the top 10 best romance manga that everyone will want to read. Many of these may be familiar to fans, and some are not, but all of them are good. Read on and feel the love in the air.

Is there a manga about falling in love?

These manga showcase the joys and hardships of falling in love, whether a schoolgirl has an unrequited crush on her senpai, a Love Triangle occurs within a group of friends, or rivals become lovers through competition or their intense passion for each other. See all manga tags. Spirit Fingers! Kaichou wa Maid-sama!