Are wood shingles more expensive than asphalt?

Are wood shingles more expensive than asphalt?

For the initial installation, a wood shake roof can cost about $3.50 per square foot at its cheapest, compared to $2.75 per square foot for asphalt shingles.

How much do wood shingles cost?

Wood shingles are slightly less pricey at $7.50 to $11.50 per square foot or $750 to $1,150 per square installed. For a typical, 2,200 square foot roof on medium-sized home, your total cost for a new cedar shingles roof could range between $16,500 and $25,300.

How long do wood shingles roofs last?

But how long will your cedar shake roof actually last? As long as it’s properly installed and with proper maintenance, you can expect to get 30 years of life out of your cedar shake roof. If you invest in quality materials and live in an area with the right conditions, you could possibly get up to 50 years out of it.

What do you put under wood shingles?

Felt underlayment/tar paper: Felt materials are a traditional underlayment option for cedar shingles made from a base of natural materials like wood cellulose or synthetics like fiberglass and coated with a protective asphalt coating to repel moisture and debris.

Are cedar shingles more expensive?

According to industry statistics, a cedar shake roof is substantially more expensive to install than an asphalt shingle roof, Of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons of owning a beautiful, all-natural, cedar wood roof against the less expensive asphalt shingle option before making a decision.

Why are cedar shingles so expensive?

Cedar shakes tend to be thicker (up to 3/4th on an inch in thickness) than wood shingles (up to 1/2 inch thick), and hence also more expensive.

Are wood shingle roofs good?

As a poor conductor of heat, wood is one of the best insulating materials there is. Wood shakes are also resistant to wind damage, one of the most common problems faced by asphalt shingles. In particular, cedar and redwood shakes have been shown to even improve the stability of the whole roof deck when installed.

How much do cedar shingles cost?

Cedar shake siding costs between $6 and $12 per square foot for materials and installation. Shingle siding costs $6 to $10 per square foot. To put cedar siding on an entire house, it costs $9,000 to $19,000 or more, depending on the size of the home.

How often do wood shingles need to be replaced?

Generally, all sources agree that when a cedar shake roof is properly installed and maintained, a cedar roof life expectancy is around 30 years.

Do wood shingles last longer than asphalt?

In general, architectural shingles and wooden shakes last longer than 3-tab asphalt and wooden shingles. This is mostly because they are thicker. In ideal conditions, an asphalt or treated wood roof could last 30 years. In many cases, however, the actual lifespan can be 12 to 18 years.

Do cedar shingles need underlay?

A cedar shingle roof needs to ‘breathe’ to achieve its optimum lifespan. For the best performance an underlay is recommended for all shingle roofs whether domestic or commercial.

What kind of roofing is used in New Zealand?

Timber shingles and shakes have been used as a lightweight roof cladding in New Zealand for around 200 years. They are mentioned in current design guides for many heritage areas, but they are also found in contemporary styles of housing. Shingles are sawn, have relatively smooth faces and usually have random widths and taper in thickness.

Who is the manufacturer of cedar shake shingles?

Cedar shakes and shingles manufactured by members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (”CSSB”) are the only products labelled with the ”Certi” brand name. Certi-label cedar shakes and shingles are made by experienced craftsmen who take pride in their trade and the quality of their product.

What kind of shingle is used for shake roofing?

3.0.7 Shakes are generally around 450 mm or 610 mm long, with thicknesses typically 9–19 mm tapering to around 2 mm. Widths can vary from 75–270 mm. 3.0.8 Shingles are also available in New Zealand-grown radiata pine.

What kind of shingles do you use on a Viking roof?

Viking CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles are the superior pitched roofing solution. Asphalt shingles are individual bituminous sheets (usually 915mm long), nailed on top of a timber-sarked roof substrate with either a layer of bitumen felt or self-adhering membrane in-between.