Are XJ and YJ axles the same?

Are XJ and YJ axles the same?

The XJ’s have the rear leaf springs on top of the axle (SOA) Spring Over Axle, and the YJ is (SUA) Spring Under Axle. And if you really want to upgrade the axle, Since you will have to do a little bit of work to any axle you choose except for another YJ axle, pick the Ford 8.8.

Will a ZJ rear axle fit a XJ?

It’ll work.

How wide is a YJ rear end?

Products specifications

Vehicle Fitment 1987 thru 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ
Wheel Bolt Pattern Dual pattern, 5 on 4 1/2” and 5 on 5 ½”, 1/2″ studs installed in 5 on 4 1/2
Brake Space 2.5 inch (axle standoff)
Width 60 inches (between wheel mounting surfaces)
Finish Unfinished, ready for paint

How wide are Jeep YJ axles?

side 3.9in. and stock 73-79 waggy front short side or scout d44 front short side fits for a total of 61.6 front axle width. stock yj 60in. wms to wms and chevy spring perches center to center 31.5in. stock and YJ front spring perches 31.5in. stock.

Are TJ and XJ front axles the same?

All XJ front Dana 30 axles are high-pinions, all TJ front Dana 30 axles are low pinions. So XJ and TJ D30 ring & pinion gears are totally incompatible with each other. The other parts like axle shafts, knuckles, carriers, diff covers, u-joints, etc. are interchangeable.

How wide are XJ axles?

Usually a full width is in the neighborhood of 66-67″ WMS for front axles and 65-66″ for the rear. Stock XJ axles are 60.625″ WMS, IIRC.

What axles are in a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What vehicles have a Dana 30 axle? Comanche, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee Dana 30 The Comanche (MJ) and Cherokee (XJ) use a reverse cut Dana 30 and the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) uses a normal cut Dana 30. Like the YJ and the TJ, these axles use a 5 on 4.5″ wheel bolt pattern. All of these trucks use coil springs up front.

What Dana 44 will fit a YJ?

Mopar’s JK Rubicon Dana 44s Fit Under YJ Wranglers Too For a total of approximately $3,000, both front and rear Rubicon Dana 44s that come complete with disc brakes, electric lockers, and 4.10 gears will be delivered to your home or dealer ready for installation.

How wide is a Jeep axle?

TJ Expert. A full size truck is about 80″ wide. A full size axle is about 70″ wide.

How wide are Jeep axles?

How wide is a Jeep Wrangler rear axle?

The width of the axle shafts is 1.13 inches. Dana 44: These are the beefier axles found on the rear of all Wrangler models now with either a 3.21 or 3.73 gear ratio. The Dana 44 ring gear size is 8 ½ inches.

Will a Jeep Cherokee front axle fit a Wrangler?

yes, they’ll fit. keep the XJ shafts as spares.

What kind of axles do you put on a Jeep YJ?

The IFSJA has gobs of info about FSJ’s. Michael Schwitzing put a narrow SJ front & a Scout rear on his SUA YJ. So did Don Bishop and Daren McMorris on their SOA YJs. Jefe put a ’77 Wagoneer front D44 under his SOA CJ. Chad Lloyd put GW axles under his SUA/SOA ’95 YJ.

How much does a front axle swap kit cost?

XJ/TJ/LJ/ZJ to JK Dana 44 Front Axle Swap Kit Price: $469.99 Code: 14118 Weight: 51.00 pounds Rating: 1 | Write a Review Ratings Snapshot 4.0

What’s the right width for a ZJ axle?

Width: 60″ from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface Notes: Right width for XJ or ZJ’s, can be converted for 5 on 5.5 or 8 on 6.5″ lug pattern, they are relatively cheap and easily found. Avoid the vacuum disconnect version. Identified by: stop sign like diff cover, spring-under housing, 60″ width

Can a Dana 30 be upgraded to a XJ / ZJ?

A Dana 30 from a ’95 1/2 or later XJ/ZJ is a common upgrade which eliminates the vaccume disconnect. If you choose the 95+ XJ D30 it is a a stronger High-pinion version. Many lockers are available for the D30 axle.