Best Youtube Channels for Binge-Watching Free Documentaries

In the world of technology, where information is bombarded at you from left and right, FOMO is unavoidable. This FOMO becomes more evident when you are stuck in a social gathering trying to hold a conversation and you feel dumb for not knowing too much about the world.

The best way you can cure your FOMO is by staying informed, reading more, and keeping yourself updated about the world. These things require time. However, an easy way to resolve this issue is to stay updated via documentaries. With so many online streaming sites, buying a subscription for just one becomes very difficult.

However, YouTube resolves those issues and offers you free access to premium-quality documentaries online. These documentaries are credible and the best production companies produce them.

To enjoy these documentaries, you just need good internet. If you are looking for a good internet service provider, you should explore Spectrum. To know more about bundles, plans, and prices, you can also visit planes de Spectrum Internet.

Youtube Channels for Binge Watching Free Documentaries

Now, that your internet is all sorted, you just need to subscribe to some good documentary channels on YouTube to enjoy free content.

If you are confused, here are some of the best YouTube Channels for Binge Watching Free Documentaries:

1.     DW Documentary

Subscribers: 4.47 M

Topics: Religion, Politics, Human Behavior, Economy, Crime, Travel, Technology, Culture, Arts, and Health

Recommended Documentary: The Bitcoin Revolution – How it all began

Reasons to Subscribe: Original Documentaries, Detailed Coverage of All Topics, and Unbiased Perspective

If you are a curious soul trying to stay updated about global issues, DW Documentaries will become your learning partner. This YouTube channel offers both full-length documentaries and short documentaries on every topic. This channel has something for everyone, regardless of age, interests, and nationality.

The documentaries mainly cover hot topics and each documentary addresses real-life situations and offer multiple opinions from the people living and experiencing things. This channel can become your reference point for almost everything in the tech, current affairs, and culture arena and works as a great way to stay updated.

2.     Vice

Subscribers: 16.4 M

Topics: Crime, Travel, Technology, Drugs, Automobiles, Music, Global Issues, and Mental Health

Recommended Documentary: High Society Series

Reasons to Subscribe: Original Documentary Series, Short And Long Format Videos, Contemporary Take On Situations

Vice is a very fun channel for Youngsters who like to stay informed about current global situations and ongoing issues. Vice offers original documentary series about almost all the topics but the expression used in these documentaries is fun and engaging, so anyone can enjoy it. Vice especially highlights topics for marginalized societies, global issues, and problems that young people are facing because of the evolution and technology.

From drug-related stories in different countries to offering an inside scoop on soaring crime in the region, you will find something that will keep you engaged for a long time. Vice also has mini-documentary series on different topics so you can binge that, as well. The documentaries offer a very original and raw view of everything. Vice mainly follows contemporary issues for young people.

3.     Free Documentary

Subscribers: 4.05 M

Topics: Culture, Crime, Human Behavior, Economy, Technology, Top 10, History, Travel, Science, and Social Issues

Recommended Documentary: The Insider: Reggie Yates

Reasons to Subscribe: Original Documentary Series, Famous Documentaries, and Mini-Documentary Series

If you like geeky stuff, the Free Documentary will become your favorite channel. The channel offers original documentaries as well as documentaries that were compiled and produced under independent banners. In fact, most of the documentaries you will find are from other documentaries, so the styles are different and the coverage is very diverse.

Since the channel works as an open documentary platform, you will get to see diverse perspectives on things. The best thing about this channel is the mini-documentary series that mainly address the top 10 of almost everything. From dangerous roads to abandoned places, you will find documentaries about everything under the sun.

4.     Notational Geographic   

Subscribers: 20.9 M

Topics: Religion, Politics, Mind Games, Economy, Crime, New Technology, Innovation, Industry, and History

Recommended Documentary: Narco Wars

Reasons to Subscribe: Unbiased Investigative Journalism, Original Documentaries Series, and Detailed Videos on Hot Topics

The National Geographic channel is known to be the pioneer in the field of documentary, investigative journalism, and opinion pieces. From wildlife to real life and corporate life, you will find a documentary on every topic. The best thing about these documentaries is that there are multiple documentaries for viewers of different levels.

The original documentary series on the National Geographic channel covers numerous topics. To keep the viewers engaged, they also have dramatic enactment of incidents, so you will feel like you are watching a movie. Being one of the biggest names in the documentary industry, you can rest assured that you will only see quality content and there will be no biased opinion involved. Also, most parts of the series have a theme, which means they are perfect for a binge watch.

5.     Frontline

Subscribers: 1.91 M

Topics: Politics, International Relations, Geographical History, Social Issues, Current Affairs, Health, and Big Businesses

Recommended Documentary: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos

Reasons to Subscribe: Award Winning Impartial and Original Documentaries, Investigative Journalism, and award-winning Documentaries on All Topics

If you are into politics, history, and current affairs, but you cannot read books, Frontline is a full package for you. The correspondents working under the Frontline banner are experts in investigative storytelling, so you will get multiple documentaries laced with opinions of famous authors and political analysts on this channel. Documentaries on the Frontline are so interesting and well-researched that most of them have been nominated for awards as well.

In fact, the channel has a playlist of the best award-winning documentaries. From exceptional Peabody award-winning content to Emmy award-winning documentaries, you can stream quality content for free. The best thing about this channel is the playlist section that offers documentaries based on the location; so you can easily research social issues in different countries and regions.

Wrap Up

With so many news channels offering biased news, you want a place to know about the topic in detail without any opinion that can cloud your judgment on things. The channels in the list are authentic are they are famous for their quality content so you do not have to worry about any biased opinions on a topic.