Can Photomath help with trigonometry?

Can Photomath help with trigonometry?

Photomath Covering a range from basic math to calculus and trigonometry, Photomath is a great Android app to help explain tricky math sets.

How do you factor quadratic trig functions?

How to Solve a Trigonometry Equation by Factoring Quadratics

  1. Move the term on the right to the left by subtracting it from both sides. tan2 x – tan x = 0.
  2. Factor out tan x. tan x (tan x – 1) = 0.
  3. Set each of the two factors equal to 0. tan x = 0 or tan x – 1 = 0.
  4. Solve for the values of x that satisfy both equations.

What is Imathematics app?

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What is a trig equation?

A trigonometric equation is any equation that contains a trigonometric function. As mentioned in Trigonometric Identities, a trigonometric equation that holds true for any angle is called a trigonometric identity. There are other equations, though, that only are true for certain angles.

Which is an example of factoring a polynomial?

Example 1 Factor out the greatest common factor from each of the following polynomials. First, we will notice that we can factor a 2 out of every term. Also note that we can factor an x 2 x 2 out of every term. Here then is the factoring for this problem.

How are trinomials factored in Algebra and trigonometry?

Trinomials can be factored using a process called factoring by grouping. See (Figure). Perfect square trinomials and the difference of squares are special products and can be factored using equations. See (Figure) and (Figure). The sum of cubes and the difference of cubes can be factored using equations.

When to use zero product property in factoring trigonometric equations?

When factoring trigonometric equations, we can use the zero product property to set up two first degree trig equations that you can solve using the unit circle. If an equation has sine and cosine, we substitute for one with an identity.

How is the GCF of a polynomial used in trigonometry?

For instance, is the GCF of and because it is the largest number that divides evenly into both and The GCF of polynomials works the same way: is the GCF of and because it is the largest polynomial that divides evenly into both and When factoring a polynomial expression, our first step should be to check for a GCF.