Can you get axle ratio from VIN number?

Can you get axle ratio from VIN number?

Axle ratios can sometimes be obtained off transmission labels, but those are not necessarily accessible. For the easiest approach to figure out the information for the common person is to obtain the entire VIN number and contact the dealership or the GM manufacturer.

How do I find out what my axle ratio is?

Method 1: Count the number of teeth on the ring gear and the pinion. Divide the number of the ring gear’s teeth by the number of the pinion’s teeth. This will give you the axle ratio.

How do I find the axle ratio on my Ford VIN number?

How Do I Find the Axle Ratio and Limited Slip of My Ford Vehicle?

  1. Locate the Safety Compliance Certification Label on the driver’s side front or rear door panel.
  2. Find the word AXLE under the bar code.
  3. Find the two-digit code under AXLE.

How can I tell what gear ratio I have without pulling cover?

So an easy way to determine your actual gear ratio is to check the tag attached to the differential cover by the cover bolts. On the tag there should be some numbering such as 3.54 or 3.73, either of those numbers will give you the stock axle ratio.

Where is the gear ratio stamped?

Check the Differential Cover The axle may have a sticker, and on the differential cover, you might have a small metal tag that’s sticking out that will have the gear ratio stamped on it.

How do you find the gear ratio?

To calculate the gear ratio: Divide the number of driven gear teeth by the number of drive gear teeth. In our example, it’s 28/21 or 4 : 3. This gear ratio shows that the smaller driver gear must turn 1,3 times to get the larger driven gear to make one complete turn.

Is gear ratio stamped on differential?

Can you tell axle ratio from Vin#?

Contact the dealer or the manufacturer (you could get a customer service number from the owners manual of the truck) and give them the VIN number and tell them you wish to know the axle ratio. They may only need certain digits from the VIN to determine, but it’s better to have them all in case.

How do I find out the axle ratio?

How to Calculate Axle Ratio. In order to calculate axle ratio, you would count the number of teeth on the ring gear as well as the number of teeth on the pinion. Divide the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion in order to determine the axle ratio of a truck.

What’s is my axle ratio?

Axle ratio is the number of revolutions the output shaft or driveshaft needs to make in order to spin the axle one complete turn. The number is expressed in a ratio, which represents the number of teeth on the ring gear divided by the number of teeth on the pinion. Oct 16 2019

What is the best axle ratio for towing?

Pickups towing big 5th wheel trailers do well equipped with 4.10:1 axle ratios. The thinking behind the decision to stick with the base axle ratio, which is typically 3.08:1 or 3.42:1, is the ratio comes standard, so that’s what the vehicle manufacturer feels is the best setup.