Can you gift an animal jam membership?

Can you gift an animal jam membership?

Animal Jam Classic Gift Certificates are a great way to give the gift of Animal Jam Classic membership. There are several types of Gift Certificates available on Animal Jam Shop. The membership will take affect in our app, Animal Jam as well, but not with additional currency.

Is Animal Jam membership monthly?

Animal Jam Membership can be purchased directly for a player’s account through the Animal Jam website as either a 1-month recurring payment, a 6-month recurring payment, or a 12-month one-time payment.

How much is membership in Animal Jam?

Membership can be purchased in-game through the Premium Shop as a 1-month recurring membership (subscription), through the Membership shop in the Sapphire Shop as a 1-month membership for 400 Sapphires or through Animal Jam as either a 1-month recurring payment, a 6-month recurring payment, or a 12-month one-time …

How do you get free sapphires in Animal Jam?

– Sapphires can be earned from the daily spin and by getting mini-game Achievements. – If you have a Membership, you earn Sapphires every day that you log in! – Players in a Pack also have a small chance of earning Sapphires from the Gem Tree every hour.

What happens when your membership expires on Animal Jam?

If your Membership expires while you are in a Pack, you will lose the ability to use many of the Pack Features such as Pack Chat, Forest Runs, the Hideout Gem Tree, or the Hideout Loot Chest until your membership renews.

How do you pay for Animal Jam membership?

Membership purchases can be made directly from the Animal Jam website, where there are multiple payment options available, including credit card and PayPal. Membership gift cards are available at several different retail locations.

What can you do with Animal Jam gift cards?

With Animal Jam Gift Cards, kids can get access to cool “member-only” features in our animal game, which includes bonus diamonds and PlayWild! Sapphires for them buy cool den items, awesome pets, amazing animals, and fun accessories using our in-game currency.

How much does Animal Jam Club membership cost?

$57.95 one time payment UNLOCK TWICE THE FUN Your Club Membership unlocks rewards in BOTH Animal Jam and AJ Classic. That’s right, one membership, both games — lots of pawsome stuff!

What do Animal Jam members get in play Wild?

In Play Wild, a membership gives Jammers daily Sapphires and weekly gifts. In Animal Jam, members get access to amazing animals, awesome dens, and so much more.