Can you offset a tub drain?

Can you offset a tub drain?

If you have enough clearance, you may be able to install an offset drain, where the drainpipe sits 2 inches to the side of the drain itself. Another option is to use 2-by-6 lumber instead of 2-by-4s to stud the wall beside the tub, thus bumping its drain away from the joist a useful 2 inches.

Is tub drain location standard?

The position of the tub drain will vary, depending on the size and design of the tub, and you’ll need to cut an access hole in the floor at the drain end of the tub to allow for positioning and installing the drain line. This hole should be 9 inches wide and extend at least 12 inches from the wall.

Can P-trap be offset from shower drain?

If you install TWO “P” traps the shower will NOT drain. The “P” trap SHOULD be directly under the drain, but no more than a few inches off center of it, if conditions require it. NO trap, TWO traps, and/or a 9 foot offset are NOT allowed and if he suggests any of them get a different installer who is a REAL plumber.

How do you move a bathtub drain?

  1. Step 1: Find and Cut the Sewer Pipe. Locate the sewer pipe and mark it where it comes down from the tub, a 1/2 inch above its connection to the P-trap.
  2. Step 2: Drill the New Drain Hole. Put the bathtub in place and draw a circle where the new drainpipe will go.
  3. Step 3: Attach the Pipe Coupling.
  4. Step 4: Assemble the P-Trap.

Are all tub drains in the same place?

All bathtubs drain in basically the same way, with a drain assembly located on the bottom of the tub linked to an overflow that may or may not have a toggle switch. When the plunger or stopper is opened, water drains out of the bathtub, through the drain assembly, down a tailpiece and into the trap.

How far is a standard bathtub drain from the wall?

You will need to cut a hole in the floor at the drain end of the tub to position the tub drain and install it. The hole should be at least 9 inches wide and 12 inches from the wall.

How far can trap be from shower drain?

He said the trap can be no more than 15 inches from the fixture. Otherwise, the force of a surge of water coming down the pipe can push the water out of the trap. Though this can be dealt with using a deeper trap, he advised against it as a deeper one is more likely to clog up.

How far below shower drain should p-trap be?

When designing a house, it can be hard to determine how far below the drain a P-trap should be. The P-trap should be located no more than 24” below the drain.

Is it easy to move a bathtub drain?

Moving your bathtub naturally requires that you redo the plumbing for the drain. Ideally, the drain lines beneath the bathroom will be accessible. This makes it much easier to perform the steps for how to move a bathtub drain. Otherwise, you’ll need to open up a floor or ceiling to work on the plumbing.

How much does it cost to move a bathtub drain?

The national average materials cost to move a drain pipe is $123.27 per line, with a range between $115.34 to $131.20….Move a drain pipe: national average cost.

cost to move a drain pipe
National Cost Range (labor and materials) for 1 line $632.63 – $777.87

Are bathtub drains different sizes?

Shower and tub drains usually have different drain connection sizes to accommodate the various pipe sizes of your home’s plumbing drain system. A shower tub drain has a 2-inch drain connection, while a tub drain frequently has a 1 ½-inch drain connection, according to Plumbing Supply.

What are the parts of a bathtub drain?

The tub drain stopper is also part of the bathtub drain assembly, which controls when the water can flow out of the bathtub through the main drain. The main portion of the bathtub drain assembly is a pipe that runs horizontally under the bathtub.

What are the dimensions of a bathtub drain?

A standard modern bathtub drain is 1 1/2 inches in diameter — the width straight across the middle. Rough-in plumbing should be calculated for a 1 1/2-inch pipe.

What is a bathtub drain Assembly?

A bathtub drain assembly is a series of plumbing parts that transport the waste water from a bathtub, feeding the water into a large drainpipe. The bathtub drain assembly is made up of its own series of pipes that are interconnected, and also connect to the large drainpipe.