Can you run a ceiling fan on a dimmer switch?

Can you run a ceiling fan on a dimmer switch?

Standard dimmer switches should never be used to control the fan motor on a ceiling fan because the dimmer could damage the fan motor, or overheat and start a fire. You can actually purchase a device that will do this – it consists of a wireless remote and a receiver that gets wired directly in to the fan.

What is the difference between fan regulator and dimmer?

Talking about the differences between a dimmer switch and a fan speed regulator, the basic one is that the dimmer reduces the voltage. In contrast, the fan control reduces the amperage. The fan speed controller regulates the rotor’s speed by increasing or decreasing the current, or amperage, available to the rotor.

Does it matter which wire goes where on a dimmer switch?

1 Answer. Unless the new dimmer is specifically marked with LINE and LOAD or similar, it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which screw/pigtail in a simple two wire switch or dimmer. Since your new switch can be used as a three way, the instructions should say which screw should not be used.

What is L2 on a dimmer?

If you are using a push-on/push-off dimmerswitch there is a spare terminal (L2) that you will not need to use for a 1-way circuit. 2. 2-Way Circuits. 2-way lighting circuits have two switches turning the same light or lights on and off from two different locations (e.g.. at the top and bottom of the stairs).

How do you install a ceiling fan light switch?

You can install a ceiling fan with a light in a room with a single light switch with a simple wiring trick. First, turn off power to the fixture at the electrical panel. Second, remove the light fixture in the room.

Can you put any light on a dimmer switch?

Light Bulbs will work with any dimmer switch. This is because bulbs will only burn out if you go over their voltage, not if you stay under it. In fact, running a light bulb at a lower voltage can actually increase its lifespan.

Can I use dimmer to control fan speed?

Wiring the fan to a variable speed control switch lets you make fine adjustments to the fan’s speed. Variable speed controls must be specially designed for use with ceiling fans. Using a dimmer switch is not recommended for use with a ceiling fan.

What is a ceiling fan control?

These practical fan controls allow you to operate your ceiling from with the push of a button, without ever having to get up from your comfortable spot on the couch. Wall-mounted fan remotes allow you to adjust your fan’s settings from the wall, rather than climbing up to the fan to make any adjustments.