Can you spend Avios on shopping?

Can you spend Avios on shopping?

Earn Avios by shopping for everyday items with over 1,100 online retailers via our shopping portal. Spend your Avios on flights, hotels, car hires, incredible experiences and more. You can also collect Avios by using an Avios credit card to make your purchases.

What shops give Avios points?

So you’ve followed our TPG beginner’s guide and are on the way to building your Avios balance….2. Online retailers

  • Apple.
  • Argos.
  • Asos.
  • Ann Summers.
  • B&Q.
  • Currys PC World.
  • Debenhams.
  • iTunes.

How do I use Amex points on British Airways?

How to Transfer Amex Points to British Airways

  1. Know the rules.
  2. Log-in to Your Amex account.
  3. Navigate to the points transfer page.
  4. Enter Your British Airways account information.
  5. Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to British Airways.

How much is 25000 Avios worth?

On average each Avios point is worth around 0.5p, based on this rate your 25,000 Avios is worth £125 (or $160). This is often enough for a night away for a mini-break or could even cover the cost of a short term car hire.

What can Avios be used for?

You can spend your Avios on Reward Flights to any worldwide destination, seat upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, memorable experiences and exclusive deals on wine, Champagne and beer. You can also reduce the price of regular flight bookings by paying part of the price in Avios.

Can I spend Avios points in Argos?

For HfP readers with large Avios balances, could be very attractive. You can now convert 62,500 Avios into 100,000 Nectar points and spend them on a £500+ item at Argos or Habitat. This is potentially a good way to, for example, pick up a new iPhone 12 mini – see here at for £624.

Is collecting Avios worth it?

As a general rule, Avios are worth more when spent on flights rather than other redemptions such as experiences, wine etc. As you can see, purchasing Avios can be pretty expensive – and it would be stupid to purchase Avios at 1.6p or more only to spend them at a value of less than that.

How many AmEx points do you need for Avios?

American Express Cards enrolled in the Corporate Membership Rewards Tier are not eligible for point transfers to Avios. Membership Rewards points transfers must be made in increments of 100 points, with a minimum redemption requirement of 1,000 points for each transfer. 1,000 Membership Rewards points = 1,000 Avios.

What is the value of 10000 Avios points?

10,000 Avios Points costs 1.7p per point to buy. 100,000 Avios Points costs 1.61p per point to buy. 200,000 Avios Points costs 1.6p per point to buy.

What does 30 000 Avios points get you?

30,000 points: A few more options begin to open up to you once you get to this milestone, including the novel idea of being able to take someone with you. For example, for 30,000 Avios points exactly you can purchase two peak return flights to Barcelona, for the additional cost of £75.

How much is 50000 Avios worth?

50,000 Avios Points is enough to get you to New York, and back again, in economy. But can we get bigger? The smarter approach is to use this number of points for Business Class.

How much is 50000 Avios points worth?

50,000 points: At 50,000, you can get an off-peak business class single flight to New York for this many Avios points and a £446.44 extra charge. If you’re after somewhere even further afield, you could get a peak time economy class return flight to Barbados for 50,000 points, plus £350.84 in charges.

What can you do with British Airways American Express credit card?

What is an Avios Credit Card? Our British Airways American Express ® Credit Card and British Airways American Express ® Premium Plus Card allow you to collect Avios on your everyday purchases – even when you’re not flying. Avios can be redeemed for holidays, upgrades, car hire, hotel stays and more. Avios Credit Card Benefits

Where do I go to get American Express offers?

There are a few ways you can get Amex Offers. Log into your account on and go to the “Amex Offers and Benefits” tab. If you don’t have an online account, you can create one by following the instructions at

How are American Express points transferred to BA Executive Club?

American Express reward points can be easily transferred to the BA Executive Club at a rate of 1 reward point to 1 Avios. What are the Other Benefits of the BA American Express Card? With the BA Amex card you’ll earn one Avios point for every £1 you spend on the card.

What are the benefits of the BA Amex card?

The other potentially more valuable benefit of the BA Amex card is the 2-4-1 voucher when you spend £20,000 in a year on the card. This is a huge hurdle that rules the 2-4-1 voucher out for most people. The 2-4-1 voucher allows the holder to redeem two Avios rewards flight for the price of one.