Can you still buy Bakers Square Pies?

Can you still buy Bakers Square Pies?

We have updated our pie ordering process. Whole Pies that are ordered online cannot be picked up in-store or delivered. Pies can be picked up inside the restaurant on a walk-in basis, and variety is subject to availability. Please note that local mandates may impact wait times for walk-in pie pick-up.

Does Bakers Square still exist?

Known for its pies, Bakers Square also offers full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. The chain is owned by American Blue Ribbon Holdings. In January 2019, it had 39 locations and as of March 2021, the chain operates 13 locations in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Ohio.

How much does a French silk pie from Bakers Square cost?

However, these prices may vary. We encourage you to use the following URL to know exactly what a pie can cost at your local location. As for a slice of pie, the prices can range from $2.99 to $3.99, again, depending on the flavor….How much does a Bakers Square pie cost?

Flavor Price Range
French Silk $13
Harvest Berry $12
Lemon Meringue $13
Lemon Supreme $13

What company owns Bakers Square?

Restaurant Growth Services, LLC
Today, Bakers Square is owned and managed by Restaurant Growth Services, LLC. It has grown into a network of restaurants across the upper Midwest that, in many ways, still maintains the charm and friendly appeal of that original restaurant in Iowa.

How many Bakers Square locations are there?

Bakers Square/Number of locations

How much do pies cost?

Chart: Cost of Homemade Pie Per Slice

# of slices 6 whole pie
blueberry with Miyoko $3.06 $18.37
blueberry with EB $2.63 $15.77
apple with Miyoko $1.64 $9.83
apple with EB $1.21 $7.23

What is in French Silk Pie Blizzard?

Crunchy pieces of pie crust, chocolaty topping and choco chunks blended with creamy vanilla soft serve. We top it with whipped cream to give you that decadent pie experience.

When did Poppin Fresh pies become Bakers Square?

VICORP, owners of the Village Inn restaurant chain, purchased Poppin’ Fresh Pies from Pillsbury in 1983 and renamed the chain Bakers Square. The company said pies represent 30% of Bakers Square’s sales. They were also known for giving away pie slices on Wednesdays.

How do you make homemade French silk pie?

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then cool. 2. In the microwave, or over low heat on the stove, melt 1/2 cup butter and 4 squares unsweetened baking cocoa. 3. Place this hot mixture into an electric mixer, add 1 cup sugar, and beat well, until smooth and creamy. 4. Add 3 drops peppermint extract.

How many carbs are in Bakers Square French silk pie?

There are 530 calories in a 1/8 pie serving of Bakers Square French Silk Pie. Calorie breakdown: 68% fat, 30% carbs, 2% protein.

Can I freeze Baker’s Square Pie?

Yes, several of the Bakers Square restaurants keep pies frozen for people who are picking them up or driving long distances after getting them. We’re more than 4 hours from the nearest stores (all the ones in this area closed) so any time we’re in Chicago or Minneapolis, we pick some up to bring home.