Can you wait inside Discounttire?

Can you wait inside Discounttire?

Because you have the choice to stay inside your vehicle for your entire service or installation appointment, you’ll be the first to know when you’re done and your invoice will be emailed to you on the spot. No waiting in-store, and no worries about social distancing.

How much do Discount Tire employees get paid?

Discount Tire Co., Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$15
Service Coordinator Range:$11 – $17 Average:$14
Assistant Store Manager Range:$11 – $21 (Estimated *) Average:$15

Do you tip the air guy at Discount Tire?

It isn’t customary to tip mechanics for a tire change. Most people don’t tip car mechanics at all, so you shouldn’t feel obliged. People do consider tipping when the mechanic has gone above and beyond to provide excellent service. The average tip is around $20.

How long does a tire rotation take?

Usually, the average length of time that a tire rotation will take is around an hour and it’s recommended every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Do you need an appointment for Discount Tire?

We’re here to help you maintain the proper air pressure for your tires. No need to set an appointment for air checks. Just drive up to the designated air check area at any Discount Tire store and ask to have your air checked.

Do Discount Tire salesmen make commission?

To me, the tires are the most important part of the car. So when you come to the counter and ask for tires, the tire salesman is going to look for every way he can to make money. Most of the chains are commission-based, which changes the motivation of the salesman.

Do Discount Tire employees get paid weekly?

Weekly, and its great.

How much should I tip my mechanic?

A $5 tip is considered a kind token. $20 could be given for great service or a more complicated job. Give a larger tip if you feel that your mechanic went above and beyond. Before you tip, ask if it’s okay first.