Did ABBA ever cover any songs?

Did ABBA ever cover any songs?

ABBA only ever recorded and released one set of cover versions: the so-called ‘Folk Medley’ that graced the B-side of their ‘Summer Night City’ single. Here’s the story of one of ABBA’s most unfamiliar recordings.

How many songs do ABBA have?

How many ABBA songs are there? During their time together ABBA released 98 unique songs (97 in English, 1 only in Swedish), plus four alternate mixes, 3 Swedish versions, 3 German versions, 1 French version and 14 Spanish versions. That’s a total of 123 songs.

What was ABBA’s only US no 1 single?

Dancing Queen
But despite the lack of concert tours ABBA managed to achieve a US number one single with ‘Dancing Queen’ in April 1977.

What was ABBA’s last hit song?

As the month of December arrived, the very last ABBA single, ‘Under Attack’ / ‘You Owe Me One’, was released (curiously, in ABBA’s native Sweden the single was not released until the following February).

Who has covered ABBA?

List of ABBA tribute albums

Artist Cover Album Year
André Rieu André Rieu Celebrates Abba 2013
Anne Sofie von Otter I Let The Music Speak 2006
Cher Dancing Queen 2018
Erasure Abba-esque 1992

What is the most played ABBA song?

The Most Played ABBA Tracks List

  • Dancing Queen.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You.
  • Take A Chance On Me.
  • Mamma Mia.
  • The Winner Takes It All.
  • Waterloo.
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! ( A Man After Midnight)
  • The Name Of The Game.

Did ABBA have a number 1 hit?

For all their popularity, they only hit number-one a single time. They did manage to have a few more top-ten hits in the United States, specifically “The Winner Takes It All,” “Waterloo,” and “Take a Chance on Me.” In a way, it feels right “Dancing Queen” is the biggest ABBA song.

What was ABBA’s first UK number 1?

”It’s just like an incredible dream,” Björn Ulvaeus told a British reporter when ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ single reached the top of the UK singles chart in May 1974. ”It’s always been our ambition to get a record to number one in Britain – it means more than a number one in the States to us.

When did ABBA make their last song?

The song was recorded and mixed on August 20, 1982, with the working title of “The Suffering Bird” featuring lead vocals by Agnetha Fältskog. It was the last song that ABBA ever recorded together. According to Michael Tretow, ABBA’s long-time sound engineer, Fältskog sang her lead without the lights on.

When did the last ABBA song come out?

Release and chart performance The single was officially released on 18 October 1982 with another new song, “Cassandra”, as the B-side. By this time, ABBA were experiencing a slow decline in UK single sales. Accordingly, the single peaked at no. 32.

When was Baby by ABBA first released on CD?

“Baby” was first released on CD on the box set Thank You for the Music as part of the ABBA Undeleted section. “Crazy World” was recorded on 16 October 1974 at Glen Studio during sessions for this album.

What was the name of the ABBA song that was dropped?

” Funky Feet ” is a song recorded during the Arrival sessions that was ultimately dropped due to its similarity to “Dancing Queen”. The song was later recorded by Svenne & Lotta, Australian group The Studs, Alcazar, and the Swedish ABBA tribute band Arrival.

When was Ricky Rock n’roller recorded by ABBA?

Some of the songs were later released in their entirety or in parts on the track “ABBA Undeleted” (included in the 1994 box set Thank You for the Music ), while other songs were released as part of solo projects. ” Ricky Rock ‘N’ Roller ” is a song recorded during the recording sessions for ABBA’s self-titled album in 1974.

What was the name of the ABBA tribute band?

The song was later recorded by Svenne & Lotta, Australian group The Studs, Alcazar, and the Swedish ABBA tribute band Arrival. A section from the beginning of the song was later re-used for the 1982 track “I Am the City”.