Did South Seas Plantation change its name?

Did South Seas Plantation change its name?

In 1998 all their properties were sold to MeriStar, a real estate investment trust based in Washington D.C. MeriStar invested an additional $15 million dollars into resort enhancements and changed the resort name to South Seas dropping the name “Plantation”.

What is there to do on Captiva Island Florida?

Check out some of the favorite Captiva Island and Sanibel Florida activities:

  • Shelling. Assume the ‘Sanibel stoop’ and scoop up some treasures from the sea in this world-famous shelling hotspot.
  • Ding Darling Nature Preserve.
  • Have a Ball at the Beach.
  • Biking.
  • Parasailing.
  • Rent a Wave-runner.
  • Fishing.
  • Snorkel or Scuba Dive.

When did South Seas Island Resort Open?

South Seas Island Resort/Opened

What airport do you fly into to go to Captiva Island Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport
What Airport Do You Fly into for Captiva Island? The Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers is the closest major airport to Captiva Island. It is 36 miles to Captiva Island from the Fort Myers airport.

Who owns South Seas Plantation?

South Seas Resort is managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the largest management company of independent hotels in the world. The resort was closed for 18 months after Hurricane Charley and reopened slowly in March 2006.

When did Sanibel and Captiva separate?

1921 – One of the biggest hurricanes of all time wipes out half of Captiva’s land mass, putting an end to farming on that island. The hurricane separates Captiva into two islands. No substantial damage is reported on Sanibel.

Is Captiva Island worth visiting?

Reservations are required well in advance. Booking one of these homes is in many cases, much less expensive than a stay at one of Florida’s better hotels. Just remember to stop by the local supermarket BEFORE you get on the Island Girl boat. North Captiva Island is truly a paradise worth visiting once in your life.

What is Captiva Island known for?

Captiva Island, located near Fort Myers off Florida’s Gulf Coast, is often associated with the neighboring island of Sanibel to the south. Both are all about the outdoors – biking, sailing, birding and water activities abound.

Are there vacation rentals on South Seas island?

Equal parts relaxing getaway and exciting family adventure, our beautiful South Seas Island Resort vacation rentals offer serenity and seclusion. Your Florida home away from home. Have the best of both worlds—spacious and private, with all that our full-service resort has to offer.

When did the South Seas island resort become a resort?

In 1946, it became the South Seas Plantation, with 15 rooms and a restaurant. Mariner Properties bought the property in 1972, making it into a full-service family resort, which attracts couples, birders, and fishing enthusiasts. Dolphins and manatees are regularly spotted on the island.

Where is the South Seas Resort in Captiva Island?

South Seas resort is an expansive property on Captiva Island (requiring passage thru Sanibel Island to arrive). The property is composed of hotel units, condos, and residences.

Is there WiFi at South Seas island resort?

However, the sprawling property requires commuting by golf cart rental or the resort’s trolley. Wi-Fi and parking are both free. When Christie Brinkley appeared on Sports Illustrated’s cover in 1981 on Captiva Island, the South Seas Island Resort gained international attention.