Do any stores sell Halloween contacts?

Do any stores sell Halloween contacts?

Beauty supply stores, salons and boutiques; novelty, costume and Halloween stores; street vendors and flea markets often sell colored contact lenses without a prescription, but they do so illegally. All contacts, even plano colored contacts that do not correct for vision, are classified as medical devices by the FDA.

Can color contacts damage your eyes?

Those lenses can cut, scratch, or infect your eyes. In some cases, decorative contacts can hurt your vision and even cause blindness. Despite what the package may say, nonprescription colored contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. This can also lead to a serious eye infection called keratitis.

Can colored contacts go over regular contacts?

Whether the colored contacts are prescription or not, it does not matter! The lenses themselves are going to be safe for you to wear as long as you use them as they are meant to be used. In order to make sure that your lenses are safe for you, they need to be properly fitted by an eye doctor.

Can you put Coloured contacts over prescription contacts?

Hamada, O.D., an optometrist at LensCrafters, wearing coloured contacts for fun is safe only if you have a prescription, since they still need to be fit to your eyes. “If you don’t wear prescription glasses or contacts but just want to give your eyes a colour lift, you can absolutely wear coloured contacts,” she says.

Do Halloween stores sell colored contacts?

Spirit Halloween, the premier provider of Halloween costumes and paraphernalia, has partnered with AC Lens to provide you with a bewitching collection of specialty contact lenses to complement and complete your most fa-BOO-lous Halloween ensemble. All of the novelty contact lenses that we bring to you are FDA approved.

Where can I get contact lenses for Halloween?

Whether you have been invited to a last minute Halloween party or need to stock up for your Haunted House event, you can get Fast USA Delivery on 100s of Halloween colored contact lenses. Shop lenses from our US Fulfillment Center to be eligible for our fastest delivery.

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