Do ferns grow well in Ireland?

Do ferns grow well in Ireland?

Ferns love our damp Irish weather and come in a fascinating range of sizes, forms, shades and textures from the tiny delicate maidenhair ferns to the tall dramatic Tree Ferns.

What ferns grow in Ireland?


  • Adder’s Tongue. Ophioglossum vulgatum. Lus na teanga.
  • Fern, Hard. Blechnum spicant. Raithneach chrua.
  • Fern, Maidenhair. Adiantum capillus-veneris.
  • Fern, Royal. Osmunda regalis.
  • Hart’s-tongue. Asplenium scolopendrium.
  • Rustyback. Asplenium ceterach.
  • Spleenwort, Maidenhair. Asplenium trichomanes.
  • Wall-rue. Asplenium ruta-muraria.

Can I buy ferns online?

Buy Fern Plants Online As long as you mimic the fern plants’ natural conditions, you can grow them lushly in your garden with a minimum amount of care. Fern Plants are shipped year round. They are bare root and ready to plant and we guarantee they will grow or your money back. Wholesale fern plants are the way to go!

How much is a mature tree fern?

Soft Tree Ferns

Soft Tree Fern Height Price
1 foot $25
2 feet $50
3 feet $75
4 feet $100

Are there ferns in Ireland?

It is our largest native fern and can reach more than 2 metres. This native fern is the only member of the Osmundaceae or Royal Fern family….Information on Royal Fern.

Common Name: Royal Fern
Scientific Name: Osmunda regalis
Irish Name: Raithneach ríúil
Family Group: Osmundaceae

Where do ferns grow best?

Woodland ferns do best in high or dappled shade. The open shade of mature trees or the north side of the house or a wall, open to the sky, provide nearly ideal light conditions. Most woodland ferns will adapt to relatively low light levels, but no ferns thrive in deep shade.

Is Bracken the same as fern?

Bracken is the UK’s most common fern and grows in dense stands on heathland, moorland, hillsides and in woodland. It is a large fern that favours dry, acid soils and spreads by underground rhizomes. Unlike many ferns, bracken dies back in winter, leaving brown, withered fronds that pepper the landscape.

Are outdoor ferns easy to grow?

Growing a fern garden outdoors is easy. Ferns make excellent companions for woodland plantings like hosta, columbine, liriope, and caladiums. Learning how to take care of ferns depends mostly on the type you grow. While many types of hardy garden ferns are deciduous, some are evergreen.

How much should a fern cost?

How much does a fern cost? On average, the price of a fern is going to be anywhere from $5 to as much as $30 for a simple hanging or potted plant. The time of the season, the size, as well as the geographical location, can play a factor in the pricing.

When can you buy ferns?

When shopping for perennial ferns, keep in mind they go dormant during the winter. Perennial ferns sold in the early spring may not have much growth on them yet. Because they grow a bit slower than tropical ferns, buy the largest plants you can find if you want to make a statement in your garden the first year.

How much are ferns worth?

How fast do tree ferns grow?

They should be planted in humus-rich, neutral to slightly acid soil. Extremely slow-growing, these desirable plants only increase by about 2.5cm (1in) a year.

Where is the best place to plant ferns?

Prepare a planting site for the transplanted ferns. The best location is one that replicates the fern’s natural environment, which for most ferns is a woodsy area with moist soil. In the absence of natural shade, the north side of a building is often a good location for ferns.

Can some ferns grow as big as trees?

Some ferns grow as large as coconut trees – Times of India. Science News: When someone mentions ferns, is the first image that comes to mind that of dainty plants with ornate leaves sometimes in

What are ferns good for?

Ferns are an excellent addition to any shady garden. You can use them as specimen plants or for background plantings. They also make good companions for other shade plants such as hostas, astilbes, dicentras and caladiums. If your yard is shady, it can be challenging to maintain a good-looking lawn.

When to plant outdoor ferns?

Ferns respond best when planted in spring after frost danger passes, but you can plant at any time during summer with minimal worries. In mild climates that don’t experience frost, you can plant ferns outdoors year-round.