Do the convicts respawn dead rising?

Do the convicts respawn dead rising?

Unlike the rest of the psychopaths, the convicts respawn each night at midnight. However, they will not respawn at the start of Case 8-1.

How do you kill the convicts in Dead Rising?

Unless Frank has unlocked the Real Mega Buster, the most effective way of dealing with the convicts is to use a Sniper rifle. Kill Reginald, the heavygunner on the back first, then kill the driver, Sam. The baseball bat wielding passenger Miguel, will then jump into the driving seat, now kill him also.

How do you do the mission Kent in Dead Rising?

Take a picture of Kent in his signature pose. 700 Prestige Points or higher. Wait for Kent to snap a photo; as he pumps his fist right afterward. Shoot a picture just as he pumps his fist to achieve your goal.

Where is the sniper rifle in Dead Rising?

Sniper Rifle
Location Huntin’ Shack in North Plaza From Hall Family
Lasts 30 rounds
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Dead Rising Weapons

Can you save Paul Carson Dead Rising?

Paul does not appear in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Among all cut psychopaths, he is the only one to not reappear as a zombie. Instead, Cletus can be saved and will sell you firearms. If Paul is saved, he will have no voice while being escorted.

How many survivors are in Dead Rising?

There are 49 saveable survivors in Dead Rising. Survivors are listed in the order in which they can be saved. To edit a survivor, click “edit this profile”.

What is the best weapon in Dead Rising?

Top 10 Weapons of Dead Rising

  1. Excavator. There is no stopping the excavator.
  2. Ceremonial Sword. Revered by yellow cultists the mall over, the Ceremonial Sword is truly a special blade.
  3. Showerhead.
  4. Lawn Mower.
  5. Frying Pan.
  6. Gumball Machine.
  7. Hedge Clippers.
  8. Sickle.

How do I put out Paul in Dead Rising?

The Fire Extinguisher is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is used in the scoop Long Haired Punk to extinguish Paul after he lights himself on fire. Spraying it on psychopaths will stun them, as they will break out in a coughing fit. If sprayed on a zombie, it will leave white residue.

Can you save every survivor in Dead Rising?

As for saving ALL survivors, that is not possible since you have an (indirect) choice between saving two of them.