Do you need a passport for Cocos Island?

Do you need a passport for Cocos Island?

Do I Need a Visa or Passport for Cocos (Keeling) Islands? The Cocos is a territory of Australia. Americans planning to go to the Cocos will need a valid U.S. passport and a visa (or ETA) to enter.

Can you live on Cocos Keeling Island?

Only two of the islands are inhabited. West Island – where the airport is located – is where most tourists choose to stay, and you’ll find a selection of holiday homes, upmarket bed and breakfasts (such as ninetysixeast) and holiday complexes (such as Cocos Castaway).

Can you drink alcohol on Cocos Island?

Liquor, spirits are duty free on the island so purchase here instead of WA. Perth to Cocos, bring a freezer box as fresh food is pretty rare, make sure you bring the receipt to show customs, there is a supermarket (limited goods) on both west island and home island.

How do you get to Cocos Keeling Island?

There are many ways to travel to the exotic Cocos Keeling Islands, including flying with Virgin Australia, using your private jet, or the more traditional way, sailing to Cocos. Virgin Australia operates two services per week to the Cocos Keeling Islands, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday.

Is Cocos Island part of Australia?

The people of the Cocos Keeling Islands voted to become part of Australia in 1984. The remote atoll is now an internationally significant habitat for wildlife and a faraway paradise for tourists seeking something a little bit different.

Can we travel to Cocos Island?

All travellers – regardless of whether they are IOT residents or visitors – must complete a travel form. Christmas Islanders travelling to Cocos must complete the form for travel entry into Cocos. Anyone travelling to both islands will be required to complete forms for both CKI and CI.

Can I stay on Cocos Island?

Oceania House is the ONLY available accommodation on Home Island. Enjoy your stay at the heritage listed house of the former rulers of the Cocos Islands.

Can you camp on Cocos Island?

If you’d like to truly experience the tranquillity and remoteness of Direction Island, camping is permitted. To make the most of your adventure, you’ll need to arrive fully self-sufficient as there is no drinking water or electricity.

Is food expensive on Cocos Island?

Food will get more expensive, locals say Like most remote areas, the cost of fresh produce for residents of the Cocos Islands is high. “It’s expensive, it’ll get more expensive if you’ve bought that food and it’s left to rot in Perth because ‘sorry, no room on the plane’,” Mr Gerhard said.

Is Cocos Island Duty Free?

The Cocos Islands Duty Free Shop is open week days and carries a range of perfumes, electrical items, toys, clothing, souvenirs, jewellery and postcards. The Big Barge sells local arts and crafts.

How do you get to Cocos Island from Singapore?

The best way to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands without a car is to ferry which takes 37h 1m and costs $50 – $70. How long does it take to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands? It takes approximately 4h 37m to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands, including transfers.

Which country owns Cocos Island?


Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Sovereign state Australia
Annexed by the United Kingdom 1857
Transferred from Singapore to Australia 23 November 1955
Capital West Island 12°11′13″S 96°49′42″E