Does Cindy Crawford have a daughter?

Does Cindy Crawford have a daughter?

Kaia Gerber took to Instagram Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, has spoken of her heartache and grief following the shock death of her friend, rising actor Daniel Mickelson. The 23-year-old passed away on 4 July and Kaia later took to Instagram to pay tribute to the star.

How old is Kaia Gerber?

20 years (September 3, 2001)
Kaia Jordan Gerber/Age

Kaia Jordan Gerber was born on September 3, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. She is one of two children from celebrity couple, model Cindy Crawford and businessman Rande Gerber who have an older son, Presley Gerber.

Did Cindy Crawford have a baby?

One year after Cindy Crawford tied the knot with her second husband, Rande Gerber, in 1998, they welcomed their first child together — son Presley Gerber — into the world. Two years after Presley was born, Cindy gave birth to the couple’s second child, daughter Kaia Gerber in 2001 with Rande right by her side.

Who is Kaia Gerber dad?

Rande Gerber
Kaia Jordan Gerber/Fathers

What happened to Cindy Crawford daughter?

Kaia’s exciting news comes after she spoke of her heartache and grief following Daniel’s shock death. The 23-year-old passed away on 4 July and Kaia later took to Instagram to pay tribute to the star.

Who is Kaia Gerber parents?

Cindy Crawford
Rande Gerber
Kaia Jordan Gerber/Parents

Who is Kaia dating?

actor Jacob Elordi
In the issue, she opens up about her relationship with actor Jacob Elordi and the importance of channeling her voice. Gerber and Elordi, 23, have been dating since September 2020 and seem to have gotten serious.

Who is Kaia Gerber dating now?

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber’s Relationship Timeline is Just as Cute as “The Kissing Booth” They’ve been going strong for a year. Kaia Gerber CHOPPED Jacob Elordi’s Mullet Off After 1 Week Of Dating!

Who is the father of Cindy Crawford’s kids?

She married businessman and former model Rande Gerber on May 29, 1998. They have two children, son Presley Walker Gerber (born July 2, 1999) and daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber (born September 3, 2001), both of whom went into modeling.

What does Rande Gerber do for a living?

Rande Gerber/Professions

Is Kaia Gerber related to Cindy Crawford?

Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic models of all time, so it wasn’t a shock when her daughter, Kaia Gerber, began following in her footsteps.

What does Kaia Gerber do?

Fashion ModelFilm actor
Kaia Jordan Gerber/Professions

How many siblings does Cindy Crawford have?

Cindy was born on February 20, 1966, in DeKalb , Illinois, USA. She is the daughter of Jennifer Sue Crawford -Moluf and John Daniel Crawford. She has three siblings, two sisters Chris and Danielle and a brother Jeffery. Her brother died of childhood leukemia at age 3.

Who is Cindy Crawford married to?

Cindy Crawford’s Married & Husband. Cindy Crawford is a married woman and she is married to actor, Richard Gere. They married in 1991 and divorced in 1995. After that, she married a former model, Rande Gerber in 1998 and has two children son Presley Walker Gerber, and daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber .

Who is Cindy Crawford’s parents?

Cindy Crawford (born Cynthia Ann Crawford, 20.02.1966) Cindy Crawford is an American supermodel. Childhood: Cindy Crawford was born in DeKalb, Illinois. Her parents are Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf and John Dan Crawford.