Does Effy use genuine gemstones?

Does Effy use genuine gemstones?

From everyday pieces to statement-making styles, EFFY fine jewelry has the perfect design to commemorate each one of life’s treasured moments. Genuine gemstones, vivid, earth-mined diamonds, all set in 14k and gold.

Is Effy a luxury brand?

Read on to explore the story of this luxury designer brand that is the king of color… Since 1979, jewelry designer Effy Hematian has been creating the world’s most distinctive pieces.

Where is Effy jewelry made?

New York City
Yes, we manufacture a majority of our product in the U.S., right here in New York City. We do have partners overseas for certain product. Having the manufacturing here in the U.S. allows for better oversight of the designs, quality and a quick turnaround by myself and team.

Are sapphire earrings good?

And while some gems can be relatively fragile, the sapphire is second in hardness only to the diamond, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear, like in a pair of sapphire earrings.

Does Effy use real emeralds?

Founded by Fatollah Effy Hematian in 1978, Effy has been designing expert jewelry for over 3 decades. Currently Effy sells 150,000 Carats per year with special expertise on sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Are Effy sapphires treated?

The overwhelming majority of sapphires in the market are heat treated… Diffusion is a combination of heat plus a chemical applied while the stone is under the heat treatment to bring color up further.

Is Effy a designer brand?

Effy Jewelry Facts: Effy Jewelry is a Jewelry Designer, located at NY. Founded by Fatollah Effy Hematian in 1978, Effy has been designing expert jewelry for over 3 decades.

What is Effy jewelry known for?

Known for vividly colored gemstones and strong feminine mystique, Effy jewelry is inspired by the creative genius of this professionally trained engineer. Effy’s passion for high-level craftsmanship is matched only by his commitment to manufacturing excellence.

Is Effy jewelry made in USA?

Effy has been living, designing, and manufacturing in the U.S. for more than three decades, and every meticulously handcrafted piece of jewelry is infused with his creative vision. “From day one, I’ve been obsessed with quality and craftsmanship.”

Is Effy a reputable jewelry company?

Although there have been many allegations regarding the credibility of Effy Jewelry, the truth is that, Effy is a trustworthy and reputed name globally in wedding diamond online jewelry. Effy provides amazing skills of artistry and exclusive packages to new as well as retaining customers.

Is sapphire worth buying?

How Sapphires Are Valued. Sapphires are the most valuable and rarest blue colored natural gemstones. They are a highly desirable gemstone due to their beautiful royal blue color, hardness (second only to diamonds), durability, and luster (sparkle from light performance within the gemstone).