Does Hyun Bin have an official Instagram?

Does Hyun Bin have an official Instagram?

Hyun Bin (현빈) (@hyunbin_actor) • Instagram photos and videos.

Why is Hyun Bin not on Instagram?

MANILA, Philippines — Hyun Bin admitted that it is hard for him to live and truly care about himself while being constantly in the spotlight. This is one of the reasons why he does not have a personal social media account.

Does Moon Woo Jin Instagram?

문우진 moon woo jin (@actorwoojin. official) • Instagram photos and videos.

What is Woojins Instagram?

Woojin has officially opened a new social media account! The former Stray Kids member opened his new personal Instagram account @woooojin0408 on January 17 KST. The profile is captioned with the phrase “new departure” in Korean, alluding to his new personal and professional journeys.

What social media does Hyun Bin use?

Hyun Bin address fans that he doesn’t use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why Song Joong Ki has no social media?

Surprisingly, actor Song Joong-ki said he is “technologically illiterate”. And that’s it – that’s the public reason the huge star, famed for many roles on the big and small screen, including the hit series Descendants of the Sun , gives for staying away from social media.

Why did Hyun Bin change its name?

HYUN BIN- His real name is quite different from his original name Kim Tae Pyung. The actor changed his name in the early stages of acting career because his real name is difficult to pronounce. GONG YOO- The actor kept his family name but changed JI chul to Yoo.

Where is Woojin now?

Woojin was 20 years old when Stray Kids first hit it big in 2017, and he stayed in the band until October of 2019. According to, Woojin recently signed a deal to release his first solo record sometime in 2021. He’s also been adding new content to his YouTube page, including vlogs, short films, and covers.

Do Stray Kids use Instagram?

Stray Kids are on Instagram! On January 8, JYP Entertainment’s rookie boy group greeted fans on their official Instagram account for the first time.

Where is Woo Jin now?

What is Woojins twitter?

김우진 KIM WOOJIN (@woooojinn) | Twitter.

Does Hyun Bin have a Facebook account?

Hyun Bin – Home | Facebook.