Does Josh have schizophrenia Waterloo Road?

Does Josh have schizophrenia Waterloo Road?

Josh had a romance with Nate Gurney, who was forced to leave Waterloo Road by his father. Josh was diagnosed with schizophrenia after becoming addicted to cannabis, he was born with it.

What episode does Josh schizophrenia?

BBC One – Waterloo Road, Series 7, Episode 24, Josh’s Breakdown.

Did Waterloo Road get Cancelled?

The drama was originally set in Rochdale for the first seven series, before production moved to Scotland for the final three series before it was axed in 2015.

What happens to Ronan in Waterloo Road?

From September 2010, Davies appeared in Waterloo Road playing character Ronan Burley. His last episode was in 2012 in series 7, episode 20, and a guest appearance in episode 30. He left the show in June 2017 when his character was sentenced to prison.

Is Waterloo Road coming back 2020?

Waterloo Road is returning to BBC One, the broadcaster has announced. The long-running drama series, set in a comprehensive school, is making a comeback after six years off screen.

Is there going to be a season 11 of Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road season 11 is on its way! After six years away from our screens, the BBC has decided to bring their beloved school drama back. The new series, once again set in Greater Manchester, will introduce a whole new generation of fans to the award-winning drama as the show returns.

What happened to Vicki and Ronan in Waterloo Road?

Following a surprise wedding proposal to Vicki, Ronan was devastated to learn that his fiancée was having an affair with his best friend, Aiden and pregnant with his baby. Later when Vicki miscarried, it was Ronan who was there to offer comfort and support and the end of the series saw them rekindle their relationship.

Why did Sambuca leave Waterloo?

Amy persuaded Lauren to plant the actual drugs on Sam which resulted in her nearly getting excluded. Disgusted with both of them, Sambuca decided to leave Waterloo Road for good, despite Deputy Head Christopher Mead trying to reason with her.