Does Lyra work with health plans?

Does Lyra work with health plans?

Integrate Lyra with your health plan to offer a seamless member experience and expand access to Lyra’s superior network – including psychiatrists. Allows companies to enable co-pays, define eligibility by health plan enrollment, and offer more significant care such as medication and extended therapy for complex needs.

Who owns Lyra health?

David Ebersman
“One in five people struggle with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, or substance use disorder,” said David Ebersman, Lyra Health CEO and co-founder.

How much do Lyra therapists make?

Average Lyra Health Therapist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $74,802, which is 45% above the national average.

Is Lyra health a unicorn?

Lyra Health reached “unicorn” status back in August, the term used for when a startup reaches a $1 billion valuation. On-demand mental health company Ginger also reached unicorn status following a series E funding round.

Is Lyra health a good company?

Lyra Health is hands down the best place to work. The employees, from the CEO all the way down, believe in this model and the services they provide. The Blended Care Model was (is) hugely successful for clients seeking services. It truly is a team work atmosphere.

How much does Lyra health cost?

Lyra Health is free for employees and their dependents. However, you must get in contact with the sales team to find out pricing for your company.

Is Lyra a private company?

Lyra Health is a company developing a behavioral health care platform….Overview Suggest Edit.

Type Private
Founded 2015
HQ Burlingame, CA, US Map
Employee Ratings 4.7 More

Is Lyra a public company?

(Nasdaq: LYRA) today announced the closing of its initial public offering of 4,025,000 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $16.00 per share, which includes the exercise in full by the underwriters of their option to purchase up to 525,000 additional shares.

How does Lyra health make money?

-based Lyra Health, which just raised $200 million at a $4.6 billion valuation, is cashing in by filling the void: offering mental health benefits to large employers that actually work. News of the funding round was first reported by The Information.

How many people work Lyra?

Based in Burlingame, CA, Lyra Health is a medium-sized technology company with 510 employees and a revenue of $21.4M. To transform behavioral health care through technology with a human touch.

Can anyone use Lyra?

To use Lyra, you must live in the United States and in general be at least 18 years old. However, if you are an employee of one of our customers that offers Lyra as an employer-sponsored benefit program and are between the ages of 15 and 18, you will be given access our website.

How much does Lyra cost?

Lyra Health is a common health insurance in California, and individuals who have Lyra Health may wish to find therapists who are in-network with their health insurance. When you see a therapist who is in-network with Lyra Health, each session you’ll pay only a copay, which typically ranges from $0-$75/session.

How does Lyra Health work with BBH members?

After partnering with Lyra, 100% of BBH members have reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their care. EAPs engage 2-3% of members, while Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care. With Lyra, members can easily book appointments in just a few clicks.

Is the mental health field at Lyra life changing?

People often tell us Lyra is life-changing and we share those stories in daily standups, Slack channels, and more. We are empathetic. Perhaps the mental health field attracts a certain type, but everyone remarks on how kind, thoughtful, and empathetic people are at Lyra. It’s a supportive place where smart people work, laugh, grow, and learn.

Why do I want to be a member of Lyra?

Lyra only recruits providers who practice evidence-based methods, so you can trust you’re getting effective care that will help you feel your best and reach your full potential. “It made getting help seamless. I reached out and was quickly connected with providers nearby.

How many lyra members sign up for EAPs?

EAPs engage 2-3% of members, while Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care. With Lyra, members can easily book appointments in just a few clicks. Providers within traditional networks only help 24% of members improve, if they measure effectiveness at all.