Does Russia recognize Transnistria?

Does Russia recognize Transnistria?

Russia does not officially recognize the independence of Transnistria; nevertheless, Russia maintains special relations with Transnistria in the political, military, cultural, and economic spheres.

Which countries recognize Transnistria?

Although Transnistria declared independence in 1990, no United Nations member recognises its sovereignty and the region is considered by the UN to be part of Moldova. As of 2011, only Abkhazia, the Republic of Artsakh and South Ossetia recognise its independence, all themselves states with limited recognition.

Does Ukraine support Transnistria?

Ukraine does not officially recognize the independence of Transnistria. Nevertheless, it maintains special relations with Transnistria in the political, cultural and economic spheres.

Is Moldova Balkan or Slavic?

Moldova, country lying in the northeastern corner of the Balkan region of Europe. Its capital city is Chișinău, located in the south-central part of the country.

Is Moldovans a Slav?

The Slavs living in Moldova are geographically dispersed, with a slight concentration in the Dniester region, along the Eastern border with Ukraine. In the Dniester region, Russians and Ukrainians comprise about 53% of population, whereas Romanians account for about 40% (REGIONAL = 1, GROUPCON = 2).

Do they speak Romanian in Transnistria?

The official Languages of Transnistria It’s the first of the three official languages of Transnistria. Romanian is also known as Moldovan in Moldova, although the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled in 2013 that “the official language of the republic is Romanian”.

Do any countries recognize Transnistria?

Is the Republic of Moldova a part of Transnistria?

All UN member states consider Transnistria a legal part of the Republic of Moldova. Only the partially recognised states of South Ossetia, Artsakh, and Abkhazia have recognised Transnistria as a sovereign entity after it declared independence from Moldova in 1990 with Tiraspol as its declared capital.

Where is the capital of the Transnistria Republic?

Transnistria, or Transdniestria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, (PMR; Russian: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика), is a breakaway state in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the territory of Ukraine that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova. Its capital is Tiraspol.

Where did the Soviet Union take Transnistria from?

The fact is that Transnistria is an artificial, fake territory taken from Western Ukraine in an attempt by the Soviets to take over Bessarabia, a region from Romania which joined the Soviet Union in the 40s, which later became present-day Moldova.

What kind of currency is used in Transnistria?

The ruble is the currency of Transnistria and is divided into 100 kopecks. Since Transnistria is a state with limited international recognition and considered as part of Moldova, its currency has no ISO 4217 code. However, unofficially some Transnistrian organisations such as Agroprombank and Gazprombank used…