How can I contact Golan Telecom?

How can I contact Golan Telecom?

Contact Us

  1. אייקון
  2. כותרת Contact Us.
  3. FAQ. שאלה Contact us. תשובה Address: Golan Telecom Ltd. P.O. 2058. 61020 Tel Aviv. Customer service center: Dial *0058 (free call from the Golan Telecom network). To report on problems please click here.
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How do I find my Golan number?

Golan Telecom APN settings and service numbers

  1. Check your balance: *998#
  2. check your phone number: *222#

Is Golan part of Cellcom?

Cellcom Israel Announces Conclusion of Golan Telecom Purchase – Aug 26, 2020.

How do I setup my Golan SIM card?

First make sure data services and 3G is enabled under network settings, with Golan you need to enable data roaming to get data access, Golan is using the Cellcom network therefore you need to enable roaming. Go to Menu> Settings> Wireless & networks. Now select “Mobile networks” and then “Access Point Names”.

How do I call the US from Israel Golan?

For International Calls: Always ONLY Dial using 00 followed directly by the country code – for example, dial the USA as follows: dial 00 then 1(555)555-5555, if you dial using any other prefix you will get charged by Golan for each call.

Does Golan support WIFI calling?

Yes! 2G handsets are supported by Golan Telecom’s network for voice calls and SMS (no internet surfing in 2G). Do you offer a dual SIM card for the car?

Does Israel have 5G yet?

The fifth generation of cellular networks, 5G, officially launched in Israel on Tuesday. It offers customers faster browsing speeds on their smartphones – if they can connect to it. Following some setbacks over tenders and upgrades, the network officially launched across the country.

Does Cellcom use 5G?

This type of spectrum will be key in the delivery of the fastest version of 5G networks. Securing additional millimeter-wave spectrum is preparing Cellcom for 5G coverage and meeting the future needs of our customers,” said Mark Naze, CEO of Cellcom.