How can I download Viber on my PC?

How can I download Viber on my PC?

Step 2: Download Viber

  1. Download the Windows version of Viber for Desktop.
  2. Click on the file once it has finished downloading (at the bottom of your screen)
  3. Viber will open: click Install and follow the instructions.
  4. You may be asked to confirm that you’re downloading from a reliable source: click Yes.

Is there a Viber for PC?

First, make sure have Viber on your phone. Setting up and connecting Viber for Desktop is easy – get started now by going to and clicking on Download for Windows or Download for Mac. Make the best use of Viber when you are at your computer, and download Viber for Desktop now.

Is there a Viber app for Windows?

We announced the release of Viber for Windows 10 beta last month and now, we’re excited to welcome the full version to the Windows Store. Viber for Windows 10, free to download on all your Windows 10 devices, now includes great new features such as video calls for mobile, Cortana support*, quick reply and more!

How can I install Viber?

To install Viber on an Android phone:

  1. On the Android device, open Google Play, then search for Viber to go to the Viber app page.
  2. Tap Install to automatically download and install the app.
  3. Tap Open.
  4. In the welcome screen that lists the features of the app, tap Continue, then enter your mobile phone number.

Can I install Viber on my desktop?

Go to and download the program for Windows. Click the Desktop icon and then the green “Get Viber” button to begin the download. Install the program. Double-click on the setup file and let the program install.

How can I install 2 Viber on my PC?

4 Answers

  1. Create “NEW” windows account.
  2. Download vibersetup.exe.
  3. Run vibersetup.exe as “NEW” account.
  4. Start new installed viber as “NEW” account from C:\Users\”NEW”\AppData\Local\Viber\
  5. Register as second phone number.

How do I install Viber on my Desktop?

How to Install Viber Desktop. Run “ViberSetup.exe” to start the installation process. Select “I agree to the license terms and conditions” then click “Install”. An installation window will appear on the screen. Then you wait till the installation finishes. Finally, Viber application is setup on your computer and is ready to connect.

How can I use Viber for free?

If your contact has a Viber account, you don’t need to pay anything to reach him. Viber to Viber calls are free. Just tap the “Free Call” button to initiate the call. If your contact doesn’t have a Viber account, you need to use Viber Out to call him. Tap the “Viber Out” call button instead to initiate the call.

Is Viber app free?

Viber is a free iPhone app the lets you make free calls to anyone who also has the Viber iPhone application installed on their iPhone. Calls on Viber are free and can be made over WiFi or 3G.

How do I use Viber on my Android phone?

Open Viber Messenger on your Android. The Viber icon looks like a purple speech bubble with a white phone in it. You can find it on your Android’s Apps menu. 2. Tap the ☰ icon on the top-left. Your profile menu will slide in from the left-hand side. 3. Tap Settings.