How did Choji beat Jirobo?

How did Choji beat Jirobo?

Choji vs. This fight is best remembered for Choji’s use of the Butterfly Bullet Bombing. A powerful technique that was strong enough to kill Jirobo in his Cursed Seal Level 2 form. Choji ate his clan’s “Three Coloured Pills” which, when eaten, turn his body fat into chakra.

Who fought Choji?

4 Choji Vs Dosu: Dosu With His Sound Techniques The previous two had already been eliminated, so it was no surprise when Dosu ended up beating Choji to continue through the Chunin Exam. Choji fought valiantly but ended up causing his own undoing.

What episode is Choji vs Jirobo?


Does Choji win against Jirobo?

Choji proves too much for Jirobo to handle and he’s actually forced to resort to using his cursed seal level 2. At this point Jirobo becomes a force to be reckoned with, easily beating Choji. Choji ends up taking it, boosting his power pretty heavily. This seems to transform him with him having butterfly wings.

Who wins between Choji and Jirobo?

Thinking of Shikamaru Nara , Choji takes the pill, allowing him to easily overpower and kill Jirobo. His battle won, Choji begins to follow his friends’ path, though falls unconscious before making it very far.

Who did Choji fight in the chunin exams?

12 Dosu Vs Choji Choji had already been tired from the earlier exam and was actually planning on forfeiting before his sensei offered to buy him food is he succeeded. Choji fought against Dosu, using his body to protect his ears from the sound waves Dosu was able to manipulate, but Dosu had a backup plan.

Is Choji stronger than Naruto?

Chocho’s clan is strong and proud. At times her father, Choji, has shown power greater than even Naruto himself. Chocho may look up to Naruto, but until she works more on herself, she is much weaker than the Seventh Hokage.

Who won the chunin exams in Naruto Shippuden?

Who won the chunin exams in Naruto Shippuden? 2 Temari Vs Shikamaru: Temari After Shikamaru Forfeited Despite having her completely at his mercy, he shocked everyone by forfeiting the match. This gave Temari the official win, but in reality, Shikamaru was the true winner of this battle.

Can Choji beat Naruto?

Choji fails against Naruto Uzumaki simply for the fact that he has no means of thwarting the knucklehead ninja’s awe inspiring power. His super expansion jutsu pales in comparison to the wrath of Kaguya and others ~ opponents which Naruto has resiliently endured.

Is Choji actually strong?

Manipulating his chakra certainly could increase his strength – just like when he used it to change the size of his fists or his whole body in a fight. By the time the Boruto series rolled around, however, Choji was termed to be the strongest man in Konohagakure without taking focused chakra into account.