How do I activate my e-payslip?

How do I activate my e-payslip?

Once you activate your E-Payslip, you can now access your monthly payslip….How to activate your e-payslip

  1. Go to the CAGD website.
  2. Enter your employee number.
  3. Enter the password you used to create your account.
  4. Type in the CAPTCHA code.
  5. Click on Sign In.

What is the password for my payslip?

The password comprises your employee ID/No. in full, followed by your date and month of birth (in DDMM format). The password is case sensitive in case your employee ID/No. is alpha numeric. If your employee ID/No. is 1 and your date of birth is 05-Nov-1980, then your password will be 10511.

How can I get my pay slip?

After logging in, tap on “Payroll” tab.

  1. Scroll down until you see “Payslip History”.
  2. Tap on “Payslip History” to view all your payslips.
  3. If you would like to search for a specific payslip, you can filter it by tapping on “All”.
  4. Tap on the payslip to view the payslip details.

How do I get a pay slip?

All employees should receive a payslip, either electronically or in printed form, within one working day of receiving pay. If you pay your employees electronically, you need to send it via email or into a personal account. Moreover, the employer should issue the payslip in a manner that the employee can easily access.

How do I set up myePayWindow?

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  1. Click link to register on. myePayWindow.
  2. Complete all verification data fields and. then click ‘verify your identity’
  3. Click ‘ I agree’ to. continue with. registration or I do not.
  4. You can use an email. address as a.
  5. Click link to activate. account and login on.
  6. Enter username & password & click Login.

What is controller and Accountant General’s Department E-payslip?

Controller And Accountant General’s Department E-Payslip – Questions And Answers On Controller And Accountant General’s Department E-Payslip 1. What is an E-Payslip? An E-Payslip is a monthly payslip which is available for staff to view online on their computer screen, mobile phones and other internet enabled devices. 2.

What is the CAGD Ghana E-payslip system?

The CAGD E-Payslip system is intended to provide easy access to payslips for Government of Ghana (GoG) employees. This means that you can access your e-payslip from anywhere in the world. What Exactly Is An ePayslip?

How can I access my Gog e payslip?

The E-Payslip system is designed by the Controller & Accountant General’s Departments inorder for all workers to have easy access to your payslip. GOG E-Payslip can be accessed from anywhere on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection. Kindly share with the Whatsapp button below this page.

How does the C & AGD use e-payslips?

Staff can access previous cumulated payslips. E-Payslips help the C&AGD to meet its commitment to making workers payslips readily available, effectively serve GOG staff, and correct some of the logistics challenges faced with delivery of printed payslips around the country. 3.