How do I change the PDF viewer in Chrome?

How do I change the PDF viewer in Chrome?


  1. Click Actions Menu > Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Privacy and Security.
  3. Click Site Settings.
  4. Under Additional Content Settings click PDF documents.
  5. Toggle On the option Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.

How do I change my PDF viewer settings?

Go to [Settings] > [App Management] > [Default App] > [PDF file] and tap the preferred PDF file viewer to set as default. Tap [Change PDF file] to confirm.

How do I disable Chrome PDF viewer?

It’s a quick fix if you follow these steps: Step 1: Open Chrome and type “about:plugins” into the omnibox at the top. Step 2: Scroll down and find Chrome PDF Viewer. Step 3: Click the “Disable” link to prevent PDFs from loading within Chrome.

How do I change my chrome viewer?

How to Enable or Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer

  1. Open your Chrome web browser and select the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Advanced from the vertical menu on the left.
  4. Select Privacy and security from the submenu that opens.
  5. Select Site settings.

Why are my PDF’s opening in Chrome?

This is caused by an embedded Chrome PDF viewer. Scroll down and locate “PDF Documents”. You may have to click on Additional Content Settings on the bottom to make the PDF Documents option appear. An option titled “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome” appears.

How do I change which app opens PDF files?

Go to Settings > Apps > Select the default open with app > Clear defaults. Now, the next time you open a PDF file, select the app you would like to set as default ‘open with’ and select Remember my choice or Always option.

How do I change Adobe default settings?

Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Acrobat DC / Adobe Acrobat Reader DC > Preferences (Mac OS). Under Categories, select General. In Basic Tools, choose the desired default setting from the Touch Mode menu.

How do I disable Chrome PDF Viewer 2021?

Option 2 – Disable Chrome PDF viewer from Content Settings

  1. Click the more options button and choose Settings on your Chrome.
  2. Click Show advanced settings…
  3. Go on to click Content settings… under Privacy dialog.
  4. Then scroll down on pop-up Content settings window, find PDF Documents.

Why are my PDFs opening in Chrome?

How do I stop Outlook from opening PDFs in Chrome?

1 Correct answer

  1. Right click on the PDF file.
  2. Open with…
  3. Choose another application.
  4. Select Adobe Acrobat Reader (or any other application you are looking for)
  5. Tick the box “Always use this application by default)
  6. OK.

How do I open a PDF in Acrobat instead of the browser?

Step 1: Navigate to the PDF file in the File Explorer. Right-click on it and select Properties from the menu. Step 2: Click on Change next to Opens with. Step 3: Select Adobe Reader on the next screen.

How do I change the default PDF application on Android?

Go to [Settings] > [App Management] > [Default App] > [PDF file] and tap the preferred PDF file viewer to set as default. Tap [Change PDF file] to confirm. In some devices, you may need to go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [App Management] > [Default App] > [PDF file].

How do I enable Chrome PDF viewer?

How to Enable Chrome PDF Viewer 2019. Open Chrome browser. Click 3 dots on the right corner. Click Settings. Scroll down then click Advanced. Scroll down then click Site settings. Scroll down then click PDF documents. Switch to ON, Chrome will automatically display the contents of PDF files instead of downloading them to your computer.

How to enable or disable Chrome PDF viewer?

How To Enable or Disable Chrome PDF Viewer First of all, launch the Chrome browser on your computer. Next, click on the three vertical dots and select ‘Settings.’ Now from the left-hand side, select ‘Privacy and security.’ Select ‘Privacy and security.’ Under the Privacy and security, select ‘Site Settings.’ Select ‘Site Settings.’ Now scroll down and click on the ‘PDF documents’ option.

What are the best chrome settings?

Chrome Browser Settings 1. Go to Chrome > Preferences > Advanced (at the bottom of the screen) 2. Under Privacy and Security, go to Content Settings 3. Under Content Settings, go to Flash 4. Once in Flash settings, make sure that Allow Sites to Run Flash is ON and Ask First is OFF (see settings below)

How to open Google Chrome on settings?

Opening Google Chrome Settings in a New Window Launch Google Chrome on your computer. When Chrome launches, type in the following address in the address bar of the browser and press Enter. It will let you access the Chrome flags. You should now see all the Chrome flags on your screen, and the one named “Show settings in a new window” will be highlighted.