How do I find my Cisco Jabber chat history?

How do I find my Cisco Jabber chat history?

Webex – View Your Cisco Jabber Chat History. In the Chat window, swipe down to see your messages. If you can’t see messages, it is possible that this feature isn’t enabled. Contact your admin for help.

Does Jabber chat history?

Where the Jabber chat history is stored? Jabber for windows will create a history of last 99 messages in an IM conversation. These will shown in a greyed out state to indicate history when a IM conversation is opened. When a conversation reaches 100 messages the client will loop and overwrite the history.

How do you delete messages on Jabber chat?

Jabber Team Messaging —This article describes features that apply only to Jabber Team Messaging. Hover over your message or file and click Delete message . Long press the message or file and tap Delete.

How do I delete Jabber conversations in Windows 10?

To clear the cache in Cisco Jabber for Windows 10.6 and Newer:

  1. Close and exit out of Jabber (if still running).
  2. Browse to the Jabber cache folder. This data is found in the following directories:
  3. Delete all the data found in the above directories.

Where are Jabber logs stored?

Close out of Cisco Jabber for Windows. Delete all logs for your OS; they are located in these folders: Windows 7, 8 and 10: C:\Userssername\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Logs.

Can I recall a message in jabber?

Right-click the message and choose Call back or Chat.

Can companies read your Jabber?

If you connect your work laptop to your home Wi-Fi network, could your employer access your personal computer or your smart appliances? No, but your employer could potentially learn some things about your home and your home network, although it’s unlikely. “They should not be able to do that.

Can my employer see what I do on my personal phone?

Recently, we’ve heard from folks concerned about the possibility of their employer being able to monitor their work-provided phone or laptop. The short answer is yes, your employer can monitor you through nearly any device they provide you (laptop, phone, etc.).

How to clear Jabber’s chat history logs?

Tap Chats to open the Chats page. You should see a list of all the contacts who have a chat history.

  • Tap the Edit button in the upper-left corner of page.
  • Tap Clear at the top left
  • Tap Clear All Chats.
  • Restart the Cisco Jabber app.
  • Where are Jabber conversations stored?

    Cisco Jabber content and conversations are automatically stored in the Smarsh immutable cloud Connected Archive, or content can be sent to an archive of your choice, for compliant, long-term retention.

    What are the features of Cisco Jabber for Windows?

    Jabber for Windows also has the capability to perform Cisco Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Cisco deskphones . This allows Jabber for Windows users to use their Cisco deskphone as their Jabber telephony device when perform call actions from the Jabber user interface.