How do I find my Cisco port number?

How do I find my Cisco port number?

You can display summary or detailed information on the switch ports using the show port command. To display summary information on all of the ports on the switch, enter the show port command with no arguments. Specify a particular module number to see information on the ports on that module only.

What is Cisco Smart Port?

Smartport types are named so that they describe the type of device connected to an interface. Each Smartport type is associated with two Smartport macros. The other, called “the anti-macro,” serves to undo all configuration performed by “the macro” when that interface happens to become a different Smartport type.

What is smart port in switch?

Smartport macros are a great time saving tool for you to use to help with your Cisco network switch configurations. To make them even more powerful, you can create your own macros from scratch. A macro can contain up to 3,000 characters of text.

What is macro in Cisco switch?

You can use command macros to enable features and settings based on the location of a switch in the network and for mass configuration deployments across the network. Each command macro is a set of command-line interface (CLI) commands that you define.

How do I find my switch port number?

To find the port you must already have a good understanding of the network topology and have access to the switches CLI. First connect using putty to the core switch of the site that is doing the routing. If it returns no entry, then generate traffic to the IP address by pinging the IP address and rerun the command.

What is smart port management?

A smart port is an automated port using data analytics to make the right business decisions and run operations effectively. The concept is to use smart technology to increase a port’s efficiency, improve performance and economic competitiveness.

How do I create a macro in Cisco?

You can create macros to run a series of commands on a Cisco switch….To configure the macro:

  1. Enter configuration mode.
  2. Use the command macro name.
  3. Enter the commands you want the macro to run.
  4. Finish with @

How do I find my IP port number?

All you have to do is type “netstat -a” on Command Prompt and hit the Enter button. This will populate a list of your active TCP connections. The port numbers will be shown after the IP address and the two are separated by a colon.

How do I find my switch port IP address?

Perform a show mac address-table interface on the switch that has the device(s) connected to it. Then go to the router for the VLAN specified in the previous command and perform a show ip arp vlan | include . That will give you the IP address for the device.

How does a Cisco smart license server work?

On-premise License Server (Also known as Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite) Cisco products send usage information to an on-premise server instead of directly over the internet. Once a month the server reaches out over the internet for all devices via HTTPS or can be manually transferred to synchronize its database.

What kind of ports does Cisco Unified Communications Manager use?

These ports are used as phantom Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) ports for audio, video and data channel when Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not have ports for these media. Cisco Unified Communications Manager only uses 24576-32767 although other devices use the full range.

How does Cisco smart software manager satellite work?

Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite is a component of Cisco Smart Licensing and works in conjunction with Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM). It helps customers intelligently manage product licenses, providing near real-time visibility and reporting of Cisco licenses they purchase and consume.

How to create a Cisco Smart account account?

Create your Smart Account and virtual accounts as needed at Cisco Software Central (CSC) using the reference link On this page select End Customer and refer to the Quick Reference Guide