How do I fix error code p1298?

How do I fix error code p1298?

Some of the most common fixes are:

  1. Replacement of the Electric Load Detector.
  2. Update or replacement of the PCM.
  3. Repair open wires.
  4. Repair or replace Open or shorted Electric Load Detector records.
  5. Repair poor electrical connection in Electric Load Detector Circuit.

What does the electronic load detector do?

The Electronic Load Detector (ELD) detects any electical load on the engine from accessories like A/C controls, radiator fan, lights, heater motor, etc. The ECU uses the ELD’s inputs to adjust alternator output and compensate for the additional electrical loads.

Where is the eld on a Honda Civic?

The ELD is a three wire unit mounted in the fusebox with a primary voltage lead, a primary ground, and a load output lead which is used by the PCM.

What is p1361 for Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic code p1361 means that the crankshaft position sensor is not working correctly. This is a part of the system that controls the timing of the pistons in the engine. If You do not fix this issue You will notice short term problems like shuddering, stalling, and rough idle.

What is P0420 Honda?

Code P0420 indicates that the catalytic converter is not functioning efficiently, therefore increasing the output of harmful pollutants by your Honda.

What happens when a eld goes bad?

If the ELD malfunctions, there may be too much draw on the battery, resulting in a battery discharge situation. And if the alternator is also shut down, the car will not have enough current to operate efficiently, resulting in the “battery low” indicator lamp in the instrument cluster flickering on and off.

Where are load detector utilized?

Load sensors are generally used to determine the weight of an object (as in household or industrial scales), but they are also used to quantify tension (such as in pulley cables and ropes).

Where is the eld in an 2001 Honda Civic?

The ELD is located in the underhood fuse box.

What is a car eld?

An ELD is a recording device that records vehicle parameters through its synchronization to the vehicle’s engine, and allows for entries related to a driver’s record of duty status (RODS).

What does p1361 mean?

The Honda Civic code p1361 means that the crankshaft position sensor is not working correctly.