How do I know if I won Princess Margaret Lottery?

How do I know if I won Princess Margaret Lottery?

All winners will be notified in writing as to what they have won and where to claim their prizes. A searchable list of all prize winners will be posted online at on October 28, November 25 or December 9, 2021, pending sell out of the lottery.

Who won the Princess Margaret cottage lottery?

Joyce Rahm
Joyce Rahm of Leamington won the Georgian Bay grand prize which includes a $1.6 Million Georgian Bay Waterfront Cottage and $50,000 cash. The 2,148 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath cottage will be built by Linwood Custom Homes with interior design by Lakeshore Designs. Rahm’s winning ticket number was 10086139.

What happens when you win Princess Margaret lottery?

As a Princess Margaret Home Lottery Showhome winner, you are awarded your new home/condo/cottage free and clear of any encumbrances.

Do you get a tax receipt for Princess Margaret lottery?

Prizes won in the lottery are not taxable. Therefore, a ticket purchase cannot be used as a tax deduction and we cannot issue tax receipts for ticket purchases.

Is Princess Margaret cottage lottery sold out?

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation are thrilled to announce that all available tickets in the all-new Princess Margaret Cottage Lottery, 50/50 and 30 Days of Vacays Calendar sold out early.

Where is Princess Margaret Oakville showhome?

south Oakville
“You hardly need to turn on the lights in this house,” says Brian Gluckstein from the sunlit, two-storey foyer of this year’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery Showhome in swanky south Oakville, Ontario.

Is Princess Margaret Lottery tax deductible?

No. Prizes won are not taxable and therefore the ticket purchase cannot be used as a tax deduction.

Where is the 2021 Princess Margaret House?

King City, Ontario
The turnkey dwelling is nestled — as discreetly as a sprawling 11,000-square-foot residence can be — just 40 minutes north of Toronto in King City, Ontario.

Do you pay taxes on Princess Margaret Lottery?

Do you get a tax receipt for Princess Margaret Lottery?

Can you write off charity lottery?

The CRA accepts all sorts of gifts for charitable tax credits not just cash. Examples of donations that do not qualify for the charitable tax credit include fees paid for entry to an event or program, contribution of time and skills, buying ticket for charity lotteries, and most gift cards bought from charities.