How do I put the SIM card in my Galaxy s5?

How do I put the SIM card in my Galaxy s5?

Inserting a SIM card

  1. Gently pry the cover off the device using the slot on the side.
  2. Lift the cover up and away from the device.
  3. Remove your device’s battery.
  4. Carefully slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot.
  5. Re-insert the battery into the opening on the back of the device and make sure the contacts align.

Why is my Samsung not reading my SIM card?

Clearing your Android’s cache to try to fix the no SIM card error is extremely simple. Go to “Settings -> Storage -> Internal Storage -> Cached Data.” When you tap on cached data, you’ll get a pop-up telling you that this is going to clear the cache for all the apps on your device.

Which way does SIM card go in Samsung?

How to Insert a SIM card:

  1. 1 Insert the ejection pin into the hole on the SIM tray to loosen the tray.
  2. 2 Gently pull the SIM tray from the tray slot.
  3. 3 Place the SIM card on the SIM tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards.
  4. 4 Press the SIM card into the tray to secure it.

What do you do if your SIM card is not reading?

7 ways to fix “sim card not detected” error on Android phone

  1. Check if SIM direction is correct.
  2. SIM Tray is properly inserted.
  3. Test if the SIM card is Active.
  4. Examine the SIM connector.
  5. Enable the SIM card (Settings)
  6. Clear The Cache Data.
  7. Reboot Your Phone.

How do I put a SIM card in my Samsung phone?

At the top of the phone, insert the SIM tray removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/memory card tray, and then push until the tray pops out. Place the SIM card on the tray. Make sure that the gold contacts face down and the card is placed as shown.

How do I clean my SIM card slot?

Clean the SIM card by blowing off dust, or use a soft cloth to carefully remove any residue from the gold contact area (don’t use soap or anything abrasive). Place the SIM card chip-side down into the tray and slide it back inside. If inserted correctly, the tray should go in easily.

Why does my phone say no SIM when there is a SIM?

The reason why does your phone show no SIM card error is that your phone is unable to properly read the contents of your SIM card. This usually happens when your SIM card is not installed properly, it is damaged, or your phone has software problems after a software update.

How do I reset my SIM card settings?

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  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap ⋯ More.
  3. Tap Network settings reset.

Which side of Sim faces up?

3. When inserting the SIM Card, make sure the notch on the SIM card is oriented so the upper right is inserted first with the gold contacts face up.

Where is the SIM card slot on a Samsung Galaxy S5?

In the Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, the SIM card slot is on the right, directly underneath the microSD card slot, whereas in the Samsung Galaxy III it is in the middle of the space above the battery.

Where is the SIM card located on Samsung Galaxy S5?

On Galaxy S5 the Sim Card slot is located directly under the sd card slot. You simply put the card in the groove and slide it in.

Where can I Buy Samsung S5?

Now the Galaxy S5 is available on all major US carriers, and retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Radioshack. In Europe, Samsung has opened a slew of new own-brand shops, including seven in UK cities. As well as all major networks, Brits can also pick up the Galaxy S5 from today from the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

How do you remove SIM card from S5?

Here is a tutorial of how to access and remove Galaxy S5 SIM card. Follow these steps. Watch the video below for visual aid. Turn off the device. Remove the backplate. Remove the battery. The SIM slot is under the SD Card slot. Place the SIM card, gold plates facing down and insert the card straight in.