How do I reset my RCA 10 Viking Pro tablet?

How do I reset my RCA 10 Viking Pro tablet?

Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate the menu and make selections accordingly. To reset the device, scroll to “wipe data/factory reset” and press the power button. Confirm the selection by scrolling down through several “no” entries until the word “yes” is visible. Highlight “yes” and press the power button.

How many inches is RCA tablet?

Model Name RCT6223W97DK
Brand RCA
Screen Size 12.2 Inches
Operating System Android
Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB

Why is my RCA Viking Pro tablet so slow?

First, make sure the WiFi you are accessing through has enough speed for what you are trying to do. If it is a lower speed connection and/or there are multiple devices using it at once, you will have this problem. Second, you need to clear out your device.

What is the RCA Viking Pro 10 inch tablet?

RCA Viking Pro 10-inch Tablet is one of those smart devices designed for special purposes. This device is not for hardcore users, this compact device is for the executive class people who tirelessly communicate over emails and always in a hurry to create spreadsheets and powerpoint presentation for their businesses.

Is there a keyboard for the Viking tablet?

RCA Viking 10.1″ Android 2-in-1 Tablet with Folio Keyboard: The latest RCA 10 Viking Pro features Androids lightest and most efficient version of Androids operating system yet, Android Go Edition. The Viking Pros included folio keyboard docks securely to the 10.1 tablet for added functionality.

How big is the screen on Viking pro?

The 10 Viking Pro operates on Android operating system and showcases the operating system’s brand-new material design. Captivate your eyes with the Pro’s amazingly clear, 10.1-inch high definition screen. The impressive 1.3GHz quad-core processor is powerful enough to zoom through applications and tasks.

Which is better RCA Viking or Samsung Tab E?

The Samsung Tab E tablet is much better. I have a RCA Viking Pro 10″ 2 in 1, a 11.6″ RCA Gallileo 2 in 1 tablet, & the 9.6″ Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Both RCA tablets are reboxed and unused. I use the Tab E almost constantly & have no complaints.