How do I submit to Alpha List in BIR?

How do I submit to Alpha List in BIR?

Submission of alphalist of employees or alphalist of payees in the Philippines shall be made under the following modes:

  1. As an attachment in the electronic filing and payment system (EFPS)
  2. Through electronic submission using the BIR website address at [email protected], and.

What is Alphalist data entry?

What is Alphalist Data Entry? The Alphalist Data Entry is a downloadable application created by the BIR which was designed to help taxpayers in preparing the Alphalist of Payees when it comes to tax forms such as Withholding tax returns.

Where can I download Alphalist BIR?
The new Alphalist Data Entry and Validation Module (Version 7.0) can be downloaded for the website of the BIR at

Who must file monthly Alphalist of payees?

1-2014 requiring all employers/withholding agents, regardless of their number of employees and payees, or whether the employees/payees are exempt has to submit an alphabetical list or alphalist of employees and list of payees on income payments.

What is Alpha List BIR?

The BIR Alphabetical List, or alphalist is an attachment to BIR form 1604-CF, and includes an alphabetical list of employees who have paid tax in line with Philippine Revenue Regulations.

How do I submit a Sawt?

How do you make your SAWT and how do you submit it to BIR?

  1. In the Index click “Alphalist Data Entry and Validation Module Version 6.1”
  2. Setup / Install the Application.
  3. Set the withholding Agent Information.
  4. In the drop down click 1701Q.
  5. Input the Payor Information in the Data Entry.
  6. After you input the details Click Exit.

What is an Alphalist?

How do you create an employee Alphalist?

To generate this alphalist..

  1. Go to Reports > BIR Reports > 7.4 Alphalist with Prev. Employer.
  2. Select the year then click “Generate”

Who needs to file Sawt?

Who needs to file SAWT? This needs to be submitted by the payee as an attachment when filing tax returns on a specific period and this contains a summary of tax credits from all the 2307 forms issued by the payor.

What is quarterly Alphalist of payees?

QAP files, or also known as Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees is a file that contains all the names of payees included both in your 1601-EQ/1601-FQ report.

What is summary Alphalist of withholding taxes?

SAWT or also known as Summary Alphalist of Withholding Tax at Source serves as a consolidated Alphalist of withholding agents from whom income was received and are subjected to withholding agents in the process.

Where do I send my Bir dat?

BIR Excel Uploader is an offline web application to easily convert excel file to BIR DAT files required to be sent to [email protected]. It is a must that you have prior experience using BIR RELIEF or Alphalist Data Entry to fully understand this tool.