How do you activate mods on Evil Controllers?

How do you activate mods on Evil Controllers?

Your Evil Controller comes with 20 customizable mod profiles. They operate just like classes in Call of Duty®. Simply select the mod profile (class) and assign mods (perks). Press and hold the connect button for 3 seconds.

How do I set up my evil controller?

To Pair: Power the PS4™ system on and connect the controller with a USB cable. To Charge: Connect the controller to the system with a USB cable. The system must be turned on or in standby mode. Button combos will trigger the light bar to provide visual feedback.

How do I reset my evil controller?

LOCK Hold for 3 seconds. When LED pulses, release. Restore the controller to factory settings.

How do you activate a modded ps4 controller?

  3. To activate/deactivate MIMIC HOLD the “TOUCHPAD” click and TAP “R2”.
  4. To activate/deactivate jump shot HOLD “X” and TAP “MOD BUTTON”.
  5. To activate/deactivate drop shot for standard button layouts HOLD “CIRCLE” and TAP “MOD BUTTON”.

Are Evil Controllers worth?

The Evil Shift is an excellent custom controller with its own take on the Scuf Impact and Xbox One Elite paddles. If you’re looking for a custom gamepad and think the pairs of paddles on the Evil Shift will feel more comfortable than Scuf’s vertical paddles, it’s definitely worth a look.

How does the evil shift work on a controller?

Simply press an assigned hotkey paddle and the controller will always select the proper weapon for you. The Evil SHIFT works just like a keyboard, providing extra button inputs. Remapping allows for spontaneous real-time reprogramming of the paddles to any button. This feature is easy to use on-the-fly and works for many games.

Is there a mod for a PS4 controller?

Annihilate the rules with our original Master Mod Controller* for PlayStation 4. Let this hidden weapon’s appearance as an unassuming standard-button PS4 controller leave the competition running for cover when you shoot faster, reload quicker and run longer.

Is the Master mod compatible with first person shooters?

The Master Mod® is compatible with ALL major First Person and Third Person Shooters! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Full screen is unavailable.