How do you deal with mass Muta as Protoss?

How do you deal with mass Muta as Protoss?

How to deal with mass mutas?

  1. Try to scout the mutas early, and look out for warning signs other than the spire (like a late third, early lair, or a lot of gas).
  2. If you confirm it is mutas, build batteries near your mineral lines and position stalkers throughout your bases.

How does Protoss counter Hydralisks?

Best Protoss Counters vs Hydralisks

  1. Sentry – Guardian Shield is a must against mass hydralisks.
  2. High Templar – Psionic Storm is great against Hydras, they like to stand and shoot, Psi Storm should disturb that and hurt them plenty.

How do you defend against mutalisks?

Counters[edit] In order to save Probes, if you scout Mutalisks or know that your opponent is going Mutalisks, try to throw down 2 or 3 Photon Cannons on each mineral line. Don’t forget though that a good number of Mutalisks can easily destroy Photon Cannons, so extra support is required.

What are Hydralisks weak against?

Hydralisks are considerably weak against area-of-effect damage without the range advantage of Broodlords or the high health of Roaches to tank damage. Unsupported Hydralisks will also struggle against Charge-upgraded Zealots, Hellions, and masses of Marines.

How do you beat Hydralisks?

Hydralisks are especially weak against area-of-effect damage; in particular, the Zerg Baneling, Terran Siege Tank and Protoss Colossus are very effective at killing masses of Hydralisks before they can retaliate effectively.

Which is the best unit to use against a mutalisk?

Protoss players have an easy time countering the Mutalisk with units. A large number of Protoss units are strong against the Mutalisk. Phoenix: The Phoenix not only does bonus damage against the Mutalisk, but it can also kite the Mutalisk.

When to use unit counters in Starcraft 2?

Specific unit counters still work when your opponent tries to mass 1-2 units. For example, if your opponent goes mass Mutalisk, you definitely want to get out the Phoenix. Below, you will find two charts. The first chart describes Starcraft 2 Protoss counters ( Protoss Unit Weaknesses ).

What’s the best counter to a mutalisk in StarCraft?

Archon: Archons are an extremely strong counter to the Mutalisk. Good Zerg players will try to avoid Archons, but if you attack the Zerg player’s base, the Zerg cannot help but try to defend (or go for a base trade). Mutalisks do not do well in base trades due to their low DPS.

Can a queen take down a pack of mutalisks?

Queen: While you are never going to make enough Queens to take down a pack of 20+ Mutalisks, having an extra Queen at each Hatchery along with the Spore Crawlers already in range is very beneficial.