How do you describe Utterson?

How do you describe Utterson?

Utterson is a lawyer and therefore a respectable, wealthy man in Victorian London. Stevenson shows Utterson’s personality to be rational, calm and curious. It is through these personality traits that Utterson uncovers the mystery of Dr Jekyll’s will.

Is Utterson a good man?

Utterson is a lawyer and therefore a respectable, wealthy man in Victorian London. He is calm and rational and rather like a scientist in his approach to life.

Who is Utterson in Jekyll and Hyde quizlet?

The narrator of the book, Utterson is a middle-aged lawyer, and a man in which all the characters confide throughout the novel. Mr. Utterson’s cousin, a younger man who is assumed to be slightly more wild than his respectable and sedate relative. You just studied 8 terms!

What is the irony of Utterson’s name?

Utterson’s name, especially in regards to the promise he makes to Dr. Jekyll at the end of the third chapter. The irony of his name is that he doesn’t really speak. He is more of a calm person who knows when to speak and when not to speak.

Is Mr Utterson good or evil?

That is, Utterson is a shrewd judge of character, and he sees in Edward Hyde an immoral and evil person, and he is deeply concerned for his friend’s (Dr. Jekyll’s) well-being.

What sort of person is Mr Utterson in Chapter 1?

Mr. Utterson is a wealthy, well-respected London lawyer, a reserved and perhaps even boring man who nevertheless inspires a strange fondness in those who know him. Despite his eminent respectabili-ty, he never abandons a friend whose reputation has been sullied or ruined.

Is Mr Utterson trustworthy?

Mr Utterson is a ​lawyer​who serves as the​ ​main protagonist​ ​of the novel and is a ​bachelor​. Utterson is displayed to be the ​epitome of the Victorian gentleman​;​ he is respectable, reputable, and rational.

What is Mr Utterson’s relationship with Dr Jekyll?

Utterson is Jekyll’s loyal friend and it is through his perspective that we understand most of the novel. His loyalty to, and concern for, Jekyll are shown often. When Sir Danvers Carew is murdered, Utterson protects his friend Jekyll by not mentioning their relationship to the police.

How does Mr Utterson describe Mr Hyde?

Utterson’s curiosity is raised higher when his client, the good Dr. Jekyll, names Hyde as a beneficary in his will. Wanting to see the man for himself, Utterson finally succeeds and finds Hyde “pale and dwarvish.” Like Enfield, Utterson reacts to him as a being that is loathsome and “deformed.” Mr.

What does Mr Utterson name mean?

Hyde, where does “Utterson” in the name Mr. Utterson come from? “Utter” means to cry out, but Mr. Utterson is quiet.

What is the irony in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

The situational irony is not only that he is cruel when he is Hyde, but also when he is the sober-minded Dr. Jekyll, he still chooses what we would expect him NOT to choose. This is all very contrary to the spirit of the physician’s Hippocratic Oath.

Is Utterson a good friend to Jekyll?