How do you fix a broken glove box latch?

How do you fix a broken glove box latch?

Fixing a Glove Box Latch

  1. You will need: A screwdriver and a clean, lint free cloth.
  2. Locate the Latch.
  3. Detach the Locking Latch.
  4. Install the New Latch.
  5. Replace the Glove Box.

How much does it cost to fix a glove compartment?

Some replacement glove boxes can cost around $350 USD. If you only need a small part replaced, such as a latch or handle, it’ll likely be much cheaper than a full replacement. Additionally, auto repair shops can charge between $47 and $215 USD per hour of labor.

Can you fix a broken glove compartment?

A certified locksmith can fix them easily, or you can take a stab at doing it yourself. You’ll need a replacement lock kit and a few common tools. Here’s how: Buy a replacement kit at an auto parts store, a car dealer, or online.

How do you remove the glove box latch on a Volkswagen Jetta?

There are 2 small metal pivot pins which hold the glove box latch. If you want to remove the latch, lift the latch and pick at the pins and it should come out. They can also fall out on their own, here is a tip to push it back. The problem is that the factory pins are too short to push in when the handle is in place.

What to do if your VW glove box falls off?

One possible solution is to reduce the resistance of shock or just be careful when opening/closing the door. VW did change the shock stiffness in later years and later changed the entire glovebox design, you can modify yours instead of buying a new one. The glove box door latch also tends falls off it’s hinge.

When did VW change the glove box design?

Around 2002-2003, VW changed the glove box, this FAQ applies to the earlier style glove boxes. The later style glove boxes are much less likely to break due to their design and are also larger. It’s possible to swap the early style glove box for the new style, all you have to do is remove a metal scissored piece inside.