How do you get Oulan in Suikoden 2?

How do you get Oulan in Suikoden 2?

Speak with the woman near the entrance of Kuskus to learn about the bandits attacking women. Exit and return with an all-female party and walk across the bridge. Oulan will save you and join you. You can get Oulan prior to obtaining your headquarters.

How do you get Lorelai in Suikoden 2?

Lorelai appears in Suikoden II as one of the 108 Stars of Destiny. She can be recruited in Greminster by speaking to her. The easiest way to is by having Killey in your party. Lorelai is a balanced physical attacker and magic user, and with her spear can operate from the front or rear rows.

How do you get Bob in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game Speak to Bob in the Kobold section of Two River after your castle is at level 3 and you have recruited at least 80 stars.

How do you recruit Viki in Suikoden 2?

Enter the Mountain Path from Karaya Village and allow her to stay at Budehuc Castle to recruit her. Viki can teleport characters to the already visited areas. Viki is a powerful mage who comes with the Unique Skill for Blinking Runes and the Shield Rune.

How do I recruit Adlai?

You must get him a Sacrificial Jizo, a Wooden Shield, and a Wind Crystal in that order. All except the Sacrificial Jizo can be found in South Window. When you give him the Wind Crystal, you must throw it at him instead of handing it to him. Adlai will praise you for standing up to him and join your army.

Where is the fury Rune in Suikoden 2?

Muse rune shop’s
Fury rune: The only place to purchase this rune is from Muse rune shop’s rare finds, this city will be inaccessible for a long time so better to stock up as many as you can.

How do I recruit Gabocha?

To recruit Sid: Enter Sid’s room in the sewers of Two River City with Chaco in your active party. Castle Level 2 To Recruit Gabocha: Speak to him at his house in Two River City (Kobold District) with Gengen in your active party.

How do you recruit Anita?

There are two ways to recruit Anita.

  1. Speak with her at the tavern in Muse or the inn at Banner Village and complete her requests. Travel in/out of town in order to get more requests from her until she can be recruited.
  2. Speak with Anita at the Banner Village Inn with Valeria in the party. Her level this time is 40.

How do I recruit Alberto?

Role in the Game. After you have recruited both Annallee and Pico, you can find Alberto in the armorer in Tinto. Tell him where they can be found and he’ll join you. Alberto plays music in the HQ along with Annallee and Pico.

How do you recruit Viki in Suikoden 3?

Enter the mountain path any time after being asked to find help by Thomas, and she will suddenly appear (enter from the west side). Re-enter the mountain path with Viki now in your party, and young viki will appear. Let her join you.

How do you recruit Richmond in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game After obtaining and defending the headquarters, Richmond can be recruited in Radat. Accept his challenge and lose the coin flip, then speak to the customer in the tavern that is closest to the door, and he will give a coin to have Richmond use. Bring Richmond the coin and he will join.

Where is the wind crystal in Suikoden 2?

Toran Lake Castle
When a runemaster attaches a Wind crystal to a character, it becomes a Wind Rune, which makes it possible to use wind magic. It can be obtained from a treasure chest in the Toran Lake Castle, or purchased for 8000 bits from the Great Forest Kobold Village hardware store (and then also from Chandler).