How do you give cheese in transformice?

How do you give cheese in transformice?

The objective of most maps is to fetch the cheese and bring it back to the hole. For each cheese you bring back to the hole, you obtain one cheese currency….Item.

Rank Points
Second 14
Third 12
Fourth or below 10
Death 1

How do you do transformice?

The purpose of the game is simple : you have to pick up the cheese and bring it back to the hole where you and your fellow mice will be able to enjoy it. The more cheese you recover, the more titles you’ll earn. Each cheese you bring back will also add one more cheese to the shop.

How do you get cheese coins in transformice?

Cheese coins may be earned through adventures, trading tickets to the Prof in village rooms (10 tickets for 20cc), or trading any other coin with Papaille in village rooms (50 coins for 50cc). You cannot redeem more than 200 cheese coins per day.

How do you place things in transformice?

Items are placed by holding down the left mouse button. An arrow which points in a certain direction. Used for guiding mice to a specific location.

Can you gift fraises on transformice?

Gifting. Gift giving postcard It is possible to gift shop items (including furs) to someone on Transformice. This does not work on items you’ve purchased for yourself (therefore meaning you cannot use gifting as a means to “discard” items), and only works with items purchasable with Fraises.

How much does Transformice cost?

Transformice is -literally- free to play. HATS! All the items you can buy are and will always be cosmetic: you will never see a gameplay item! Also, 100% of the buyable items are unlockable ingame: that’s right, only with your skill you can have them all!

How do you talk to your tribe in Transformice?

The “/t” command allows you to chat within your tribe ( T will also allow tribe chat). Joining a tribe with many members usually results in having your chat box spammed with messages, however as of V0. 114a, the command “/mt” mutes/unmutes your tribe chat.

How do you make a totem in transformice?

Creating a totem To make a totem you must have saved over 1000 mice. Click on the feather next to the help/rules and click on “Edit your totem”. This will take you to map 444, where you can create your totem. You can use up to 20 objects (but only one world anchor) in the creation of your totem.

How do you send a gift on transformice?

To proceed, simply click on the new button “make a gift” that appears in the shop. Select a player of your choice, and, if you wish, add a note to your gift. The mouse receiving the gift can also send you a thank you message!

How do you get fraises in transformice 2021?

Although you have to pay for them, they can be used to buy items from the shop at a lower price than the normal cheese. Another way to get fraises is through watching fraise videos, which are 15–30 second ads that reward players with one fraise.

Is Transformice free on Steam?

Transformice is -literally- free to play.