How do you give Think points in Imagine math?

How do you give Think points in Imagine math?

Students can use the following steps in their account:

  1. Design Your Avatar: Click Redeem. Select Design Your Avatar. Click Design Avatar.
  2. Give to Your Class: Click Redeem. Select Give to Your Class. Use slide bar to select amount of points to donate.
  3. Give to Charity: Click Redeem. Select Give to Charity.

How do you get points on Imagine math?

Students earn points for solving math problems correctly. Students are able to view a ledger of points earned by clicking on View your THINK Points History on the home page. Students have the opportunity to earn bonus points. If they pass the Pre-Quiz with 80 percent or more, they earn 750 bonus points.

What grades is Imagine Math for?

Imagine Math has grade-level pathways built for grades 3–8, Algebra I, Geometry, and college test prep. The program also has grade 1 and 2 lessons available for support and remediation. Teachers and administrators have the option to create custom pathways and assign multiple pathways.

Is Big brainz free?

You can choose the free version, or purchase a more detailed version. Either way, your child will become more proficient in math!

What is the site code for Imagine Math Facts?

Your Site Code is usually the first seven digits of your school or district’s NCES number (see About Site Codes for more information). If you can’t find your school’s NCES number, or if the NCES number listed seems incorrect, contact Imagine Learning Customer Care for help.

How many lessons are in an Imagine Math pathway?

We recommend using one of Imagine Math’s pre-built domain-specific pathways. These pathways were built exactly for this purpose. Targeted intervention pathways should be limited to no more than 10–12 lessons.

What do you need to know about think through math?

Using the Quantile® scale, Think Though Math measures each student’s readiness for specific math instruction and tracks on-going progress through integrated benchmark assessments. Think Through Math supports students in grades 3 through high school and requires an annual subscription.

How does think through Math Help Oklahoma students?

The program provides unprecedented differentiation that prepares students for the more rigorous Oklahoma Academic Math Standards. Think Through Math deepens understanding of critical mathematical concepts, improves higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and transforms the way students feel about math – and themselves.

How does TTM motivate students to learn math?

TTM motivates students to do more math with a uniquely 21st Century motivation system–a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators including contests, points, avatars, and games. In addition to receiving immediate corrective feedback and instructional support, students have access to LIVE, U.S. certified math teachers in real-time.

How old do you have to be to do think through math?

All students in grades 3 through grade 5 have access to Think Through Math at home. If you need log in information please contact your child’s teacher. You will need an Internet connection and a set of headphones (not earbuds) before logging in.