How do you make text align left and right on same line in bootstrap?

How do you make text align left and right on same line in bootstrap?

3 Answers. you can use “pull-right” and “pull-left” classes, with “clearfix” class after. use float-left and float-right instead.

How do you align left and right on the same line?

Use the tab to right-align text on the same line as left-aligned text….Figure B

  1. On the Home tab, click the Paragraph group’s dialog launcher and then click Tabs in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Enter 6.5 in the Tab stop position.
  3. Click Right in the Alignment section (Figure C).
  4. Click Set.
  5. Click OK.

How may I align text to the left and text to the right in the same line?

Flush Left and Flush Right On the Same Line

  1. Make sure the paragraph is formatted as left-aligned.
  2. Display the Home tab of the ribbon.
  3. Click the small icon at the bottom-right of the Paragraph group.
  4. Click the Tabs button.
  5. What you want to do is to insert a right-aligned tab near the right edge of the line.

How do I align text both left and right in HTML?


align Attribute is used to specify the alignment of paragraph text content….Attribute Values:

  1. left: It sets the text left-align.
  2. right: It sets the text right-align.
  3. center: It sets the text center-align.
  4. justify: It stretch the text of paragraph to set the width of all lines equal.

How do I put two text on the same line in HTML?

To get all elements to appear on one line the easiest way is to:

  1. Set white-space property to nowrap on a parent element;
  2. Have display: inline-block set on all child elements.

How do I align text on both sides in Word?

Select the text that you want to align. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Align Left or Align Right .

How do I align two words on the same line in HTML?

3 Answers. Use a with float: left for the left word, and another with float: right for the right word.

How do I align two paragraphs side by side in HTML?

Use CSS property to set the height and width of div and use display property to place div in side-by-side format.

  1. float:left; This property is used for those elements(div) that will float on left side.
  2. float:right; This property is used for those elements(div) that will float on right side.

How do I align text and images side by side in HTML?

Put the image’s maximum width to 100% with the max-width property. Set the flex-basis property of the “image” class to specify the initial main size of your image. Choose the font size of your text with the help of the font-size property. Use the padding-left property to set the padding space on the text’s left side.

How do I display two tags on the same line?

If you want two of these in the same line, you should use another tag, such as . Use float:left on the first p and float:right on the second.

How to center an element vertically?

Add an element you wish to the section

  • Select the section
  • Set the display setting to flex in the Style panel
  • Set the flex layout to justify: center and align: center
  • How do I center text?

    Centering Text Horizontally Highlight the text you want to center. Click the “Center” button in the upper toolbar. Deselect your text. If you haven’t typed anything yet, just click the “Center” button. Alternatively, hit Ctrl+E. Use the other buttons to change your alignment.

    How do you right align text in HTML?

    To align text in html table or web page and move it towards the right side, just add ‘align-right’ in the div tag (or inside table align tag in the case of table). After this,you can see that the text has moved to the right side of the web page.

    How do you center a text in CSS?

    You can center text with CSS by specifying the text-align property of the element to be centered. Centering a few blocks of text. If you have only one or a few blocks of text you need to center, you can do so by adding the style attribute to the opening tag of the element and choosing the property “text-align.”.