How do you pass variables between thread groups in JMeter?

How do you pass variables between thread groups in JMeter?

Pass Variables Between Thread Groups in JMeter The first thread group makes a GET request to a web service. We then use the JSON Extractor plugin to parse the JSON response. Using JSONPath, we extract the value for a particular key and save it as a JMeter variable.

How do you parameterize a thread property in JMeter?

3 Answers

  1. If you run JMeter in command-line non-GUI mode you can pass the properties via -J command line key as jmeter -Jthreads=50 -Jrampup=30 -n -t /path/to/your/testplan.jmx.
  2. You can define these properties in file (located in /bin folder of your JMeter installation) as: threads=50 rampup=30.

How do I run a single thread group in JMeter?

you can select the Thread Group that you want to execute using Validate option. Right click on selected Thread Group ( Get Client ), click on Validate . JMeter runs only Get Client Thread Group.

How do you make a variable Storeid visible from one thread group to another in JMeter?

How do I pass a variable from one Thread Group to another in…

  1. Store the variable as a property – properties are global to the JMeter instance.
  2. Write variables to a file and re-read them.
  3. Use the bsh. shared namespace – see 16.8. 2 Sharing Variables.
  4. Write your own Java classes.

How do you parameterize a user defined variable in JMeter?

How to add ‘User Defined Variables’?

  1. Select ‘Test Plan’ or ‘Thread Group’ or ‘Sampler’ node.
  2. Right-click on the respective node.
  3. Hover the mouse on ‘Add’
  4. Hover the mouse on ‘Config Element’
  5. Click on ‘User Defined Variables’

How do you parameterize values in JMeter?

1) Click on Thread group-> Add->Config Element -> CSV Data Set Config. 2) Open the bin folder from JMeter installation path. Create a text file and enter values into it. Now save the text file with proper name and “.

What are the different ways of data parameterization in JMeter?

2. JMeter Parameterization Using Databases

  • Name – the name of the connection configuration that will be shown in the thread group tree.
  • Variable Name – the name that will be used as a unique identifier for the db connection (multiple connections can be used and each one will be tied to a different name).

How do I run a thread after one in JMeter?

Running multiple Thread Groups sequentially in JMeter

  1. Use e.g. Loop Controller for this: Thread Group Number of Threads = 1 Loop Count = 1 …
  2. Use Number of Threads property of standard Thread Group for this together with Ramp-Up Period property: Thread Group Number of Threads = N Ramp-Up Period = 0 Loop Count = 1 …

When to use setup Thread Group in JMeter?

Below is some cases which we can consider to use setUp Thread Group. Create a list of users that need to be run in your tests. Get the data from the database and store into the .csv files or JMeter variables and use them during the test. Send the email or any kind of notification to notify that the test has been started.

How to create variables specific to a thread?

Creating some variables specific to a thread group, which can be shared by all the threads, can be done using BeanShell Init function. Now lets create 4 thread groups each with 4 threads. They all have a beanshell sampler which calls the below statement.

How to pass variables between two thread groups?

Another thread group needs to access this token and use it in another request. Therefore, we need a mechanism to pass variables between thread groups. For this example, our test plan will have two thread groups. The first thread group makes a GET request to a web service. We then use the JSON Extractor plugin to parse the JSON response.

Can a variable be read from another thread in JMeter?

Works like a charm! According to JMeter documentation: Variables are local to a thread a variable set in one thread cannot be read in another. This is by design. For variables that can be determined before a test starts, see Parameterising Tests (above).