How do you pronounce Dehisce?

How do you pronounce Dehisce?

  1. Phonetic spelling of dehiscence. de-his-cence. de-his-cence. dih-his-uh ns.
  2. Meanings for dehiscence. It refers to the release of materials of a fruit or an opening injury.
  3. Synonyms for dehiscence. organic phenomenon. dehiscences.
  4. Examples of in a sentence.
  5. Translations of dehiscence. Portuguese : deiscência. Russian : зияние

What does Dehisce mean?

intransitive verb. : to split along a natural line also : to discharge contents by so splitting seedpods dehiscing at maturity.

What does the medical term dehiscence mean?

May also be called: Wound Dihiscence; Surgical Wound Dehiscence; Operative Wound Dehiscence. Wound dehiscence (dih-HISS-ints) is a condition where a cut made during a surgical procedure separates or ruptures after it has been stitched back together.

What is dehiscence in plants?

Dehiscence is the splitting, at maturity, along a built-in line of weakness in a plant structure in order to release its contents, and is common among fruits, anthers and sporangia. Sometimes this involves the complete detachment of a part. Structures that open in this way are said to be dehiscent.

What does dehiscence mean in medical terms?

Wound dehiscence (dih-HISS-ints) is a condition where a cut made during a surgical procedure separates or ruptures after it has been stitched back together.

What does evisceration mean in medical terms?

1 : to remove the viscera of. 2 : to remove an organ from (a patient) or the contents of (an organ) intransitive verb. : to protrude through a surgical incision or suffer protrusion of a part through an incision.

Is it pronounced Celtic or Celtic?

“In Irish and Scottish and Welch and so forth, the letter ‘C’ is always “kuh” and Celtic is ‘Celtic’ [with a hard ‘C’],” said Harbeck.

What does Macan mean?

Macan: The small SUV known as the “Macan” was originally rumored to be called the “Cajun,” after the communities in the bayous of Southern Louisiana. The word “macan” itself can either refer to the Indonesian and Malaysian term for “tiger” or the Serbo-Croatian word for “tomcat.”

How do you speak Porsche?

While many people pronounce “Porsche” as “Porsh,” that is incorrect. The correct way to pronounce “Porsche” is actually as a two-syllable word: “Por-shuh.”

What’s the soft sound in the word Celtic?

The soft “c” sound is usually reserved for sports teams now, like the Boston Celtics. Be it in the pub or in the halls of academia, whenever the topic of Irish culture, language, music, literature—basically, anything Irish—is brought up, the words Celt and Celtic are bound to be heard.

Which is the correct pronunciation Celtic or Keltic?

Nope, wrong. It’s both an American basketball team and a Scottish football team. Furthermore, aside from those two team names with the soft ‘c’ pronunciation, everyone in Ireland and (to the best of my knowledge) Scotland pronounces Celtic with a hard ‘C’ (Keltic) in every other situation. Ever.

How is the last name Celt pronounced in French?

Following its French and Latin predecessors, early pronunciation of Celt was actually SELT. (In French and Latin, the ‘c’ is pronounced s, as in the last name of the French painter Paul Cézanne and in Latin century.)

Where does the last name Celtic come from?

The etymology of the noun Celt —from which the adjective Celtic is derived—is straightforward. It’s a 16th-century borrowing of the French word Celte, which itself is from Latin Celta, the singular of Celtae, which is the name for a member of an early Indo-European people from antiquity who spread…