How do you Repressurise a gas strut?

How do you Repressurise a gas strut?

If the pressure in your gas strut is very high and you decide to reduce it a little, follow these steps:

  1. Put on safety glasses.
  2. Remove the terminal at the end of the gas strut.
  3. Find the valve after removing the cover.
  4. Screw the bleed screw in this valve.
  5. Screw until you don’t feel a slight resistance.

Can you Regas a strut?

If it is due to natural attrition (gas struts lose pressure like a tyre does, but it generally takes 5 -10 years in a quality strut) then a regas will work well. You can expect years of further use from your existing struts. If they are damaged or their seals have perished, your struts will need replacing.

Should you lubricate gas struts?

Do not lubricate or treat the gas strut in any way. Do not replace 1 gas strut of a pair. Do not weld replacement ends on gas struts.

Can you recharge a gas spring?

There is no problem with refilling gas springs, but postage costs often mean it is not worth it, as a gas spring is not an expensive product. Variload gas springs are often used for testing and development.

Is it possible to repair a gas strut?

For the gas strut repair, the strut must be removed from the host equipment and sent to our workshop for a free inspection. We will then advise you if a re-gas will be successful or economical. The struts are tested and gassed on the day they are received and shipped back using a next-day delivery service.

Why do gas struts fail?

Struts contain nitrogen gas under pressure and some oil to damp movement and to lubricate the seals. Most failures are due to a gradual loss of pressure to the gas which results in the strut being unable to support the load.

Is there a re-gas service for gas struts?

We have developed a unique strut re-gassing service that caters for virtually any gas strut, while costing a fraction of the price of new struts. It’s ideal for gas struts that have lost pressure, are no longer manufactured or cannot be found. How does the Re-Gas Work?

Can a gas strut be filled with nitrogen gas?

When you order a gas strut, we fill it with the correct amount of nitrogen gas. Thanks to the valve, we can adjust the pressure in the gas spring in such a way that the pressure of the gas spring matches the pressure of your application (for instance: the lid of a toy box or a hatch) or the gas spring that you want to replace.

Can a gas strut be uprated to a higher force?

Existing gas struts can be uprated to a higher force if additional weight has been added to an application, such as a spoiler or bike rack on a car boot – saving you money over purchasing new gas struts! New gas struts purchased from SGS can also be supplied them at a higher pressure than the factory setting.